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My specs are:
Windows 10, 64 bit. Core I5-6600k. Asus Z170-a motherboard. Corsair 16gb ddr4/2400. Evga GTX-970 GPU.

I bought Enemy Engaged Apache vs Havoc, it gave the message when trying to launch:
Unable to find a 3d video card. Please make sure you have a 3d video card and directx 6 installed.

So I went ahead and bought Enemy Engaged Comanche vs Hokum, thinking that error would clear since EECH is newer. It has not cleared, I get the same message with both sims.

I have 81 games installed on this pc including 26 flight simulators, I am certain I have directx installed and a 3D video card is installed. :-) The pc is less than a month old.
I have even tried safe mode and it gives the same error message. It is soon as you launch the game it gives that message.

Any ideas on this? I used to play this sim years ago and was looking forward to playing it again.
Any Windows 10 64 bit users that can chime in would be appreciated....
Thank you