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Hi folks,

seems, I found something else that's bugged (or at least quite stupid in my eyes). Please take a look at my attached screenshots. Those requests are pure nonsense, aren't they? Why would I need seven bonfires or six irrigators??? I don't need them in my settlement, so why would I want to build them? Same aplies to the amount of herbs and medicine: Why would I want to produce ~1.500 units when I already have >1.000 of each in my storages?

Please check the scaling of those random quests one can find in the forum. Imho, in a late game they turn from challenges to... bullsh*t.

Thanks in advance,
I can tell you they are not bugs, they have been in the game like this for a long time.

But I agree that they are... quite stupid. They seem to always be X higher than what you have at the moment. And since you normally build what your settlements needs, that means that the quests always make you build stuff that you will never use.

As for buildings, my 'tactic' is that I have a patch of waste ground at the edge of my settlement that I build my excess quest buildings on. As soon as the quest completes, I demolish them and hope the materials get collected again. Of course you need the luxury of an already well running settlement to able to do this.

As for consumables, it is a bit harder. My advice is to never make more than what you can immediately use in high use scenarios (like a disease wave for medicine). So that you can just survive that with the medicine in stock. If you get a quest, for instance medicine again, you then make the required number and after that immediately stop production and/or set the limit so it stops automatically. However, even with this tactics I regularly have 2500+ medicine because of all the quests while I only need max. 200 in stock. I simply cannot use them fast enough. I haven't played for a while though, maybe trade has gotten better now.

But they should really adjust quests to make more sense and/or give better rewards instead.