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Greetings survivors,
We've just released the fifth Patch for our full release version of Endzone.
Once again, we focused on fixing bugs, tweaking stuff and improve your overall experience with the game. Please keep reporting bugs, giving us your valuable feedback and posting your great suggestions whether to Discord or the Steam discussions!

Important Notes
We have recognized that many of you are not satisfied with the raider system. We are not able to completely overhaul it but we made several changes that should make the experience feel less random and unpredictable.

Prosperity Expansion - FIXED
Scenarios: Fixed issue with "Back to the Endzone" scenario which falsely allowed prosperity content before being completed, which resulted in errors.
Scenarios: The first voice-over of the "Future without sunlight" scenario is now correctly played in English language.

Main Game - ADDED
Expeditions: Added breadcrumb navigation at the top of the screen. This UI should help understand which part of the expedition you're currently in.

Main Game - FIXED
Expeditions: Fixed a bug that could cause too many food resources to be deducted.
Expeditions: Advantages and badges are now correctly reset when leaving the configuration screen of an expedition.
Expeditions: Resources delivered to an Expeditions Post are now correctly updated in the building inspector, when an expedition was started and all explorers are gathered at the Expedition Post.
Expeditions: Dialogue points that don't consume rations no longer check how many rations are left. Also, the continue button now hides the confidence bar if no rations are required.
Expeditions: Several fixes to wrongly displayed camera positions.
Environment: Fixed faulty tree rendering. Trees should now flicker significantly less.
Environment: Fixed occasional stuttering in tree falling-animation.
Camera: Small fixed to camera movement and target following behavior.
Buildings: Fixed several graphical glitches for several buildings.
System: The game's ram usage has been optimized. It should now use considerably less memory.
UI: The efficiency UI of a building now updates to its correct percentage value when switching through buildings that are or are not boosted by a factory unit.
Raiders: Fixed multiple raider warnings that could appear after loading.
UI: Switch through building buttons in the build menu are now correctly disabled for buildings that can only be placed once.
Buildings: Fixed several links to wrong pages of the glossary.

Main Game - TWEAKED
Raiders: Militia is now manning up towers right after the settlement received word that a raider attack is upcoming. This way, it's safe to say that your towers will be manned up when the attack starts.
Raiders: Workers are now also filling up towers with ammunition. They do so during peace and even during an attack. If workers have a task to stock up ammunition, they won't be intimidated by raiders.
Raiders: Towers can now hold up to 250 units of ammunition instead of 100. Savegames are automatically upgraded to the new amount.
Scenarios: Increased ammunition amount the player needs to produce in "Hunter and Hunted" scenario.
UI: Improved layout of administration window to avoid overlapping of build menu button with scrollbar button.
Expeditions: Adjusted layout for benefactors in local expedition selection.
Expeditions: Cancel button for expeditions is now grayed out if the expedition is already on its way home.
Expeditions: The Expedition window now considers Expedition Rations that were left at a ruin, before showing a warning prompt, if there is only a small amount of rations available.
UI: Decorations are now sorted under their own headline.
UI: Several fixes to the fade to black effect and cursor behavior.
Scenarios: Scenarios are now sorted by file name in the menu selection.
Scenarios: Scenarios now indicate the DLC they belong to, which is highlighted by a ribbon.
Expeditions: Several small improvements to the expedition selection screen.
Buildings: Electricity can no longer be deactivated on self-sufficient buildings.
Buildings: Buildings that become self-sufficient electricity producers when being upgraded now automatically turn their electricity back on.
Expeditions: Entering the expedition window no longer clears the corresponding notifications.
UI: Holding Shift while adjusting certain numbers now allows larger steps (e.g. for number of professionals in the profession menu).

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version V1.1.8167.27233
Post edited May 12, 2022 by Assemble_xer0
Thanks for still posting these.
I still have to finish my game save from early access (if it even still works).
By now they probably already built spaceships in my absence.
I have to say... Seeing developers being active on the GOG forum makes me want to buy the game... especially since it's discounted right now...