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Greetings, survivors!
The third regular patch for the release version of Endzone - A World Apart focuses on bringing once again various bug fixes, tweaks and quality of life improvements to the game.

Important Notes
Feedback: The feedback tool (F1) now tries to upload a current savegame, so we can investigate issues and bugs better.

System: Added ability for the game to handle additional content for the “Prosperity” expansion and a free DLC that is just around the corner but shh…
Main Menu: Added a dynamic news system to keep you up-to-date with current events and happenings.
Expeditions: Added “Pack Full” option to expeditions to automatically fill up the expedition inventory with excavated resources and items.
Achievements: Added 3 new achievements concerning settlement population.

Localizations: Several localizations fixes in several languages.
Buildings: Fixed a bug concerning the Decontamination Post.
Buildings: Pastures now stop production when the production limit for food is reached.
Options: Fixed an error related to On-Demand Rendering.
Statistics: Droughts that last for multiple years are now correctly recognized by statistics.
Buildings: Fixed a bug that was related to wrongfully missing repair resources for damaged buildings.
Camera: Fixed a bug with the camera, where the wrong values were used when zooming out.
UI: Fixed several wrong links to the glossary.
Options: Fixed an error caused by the options menu.
Settlers: The settler UI no longer shows settler drawbacks when the settler is in fact dead.
Research: Techpoints and research equipment amount are now reset when starting a new game.
Environment: Fixed bug where the ground humidity would use radiation as its base value.
UI: Ingame UI is no longer hidden when opening the platform overlays while in the main menu.
Settlers: Newly created moving settlers can now be selected right at the start of a new session.
Savegame: Invalid savegames now hide their play button icon.
Savegame: Invalid or incompatible save games no longer show the "Load Game" tooltip on play button.
Statistics: Fixed technology count in the game statistics screen.
Buildings: Fixed error related to efficiency boosts.
Buildings: Fixed flickering of "Missing Resources" UI for the pub.
UI: Fixed error with wrong settler avatars being displayed in settler dialogs.
Statistics: Placeholder of search field in the game statistics is now translated.
UI: Fixed line-breaking of texts in the goal window.
Buildings: Fixed flickering of "No seed selected" for fields.
Buildings: Buildings that require electricity to work no longer display the efficiency UI.
Trading: Fixed trader not leaving when demolishing trading post.
UI: Edge scrolling now only works while the HUD is open.
System: Opening and closing any backend overlay will no longer reset the games speed to default but will set to the last set speed instead.
UI: Fixed wrong avatar being shown during a settler dialog under certain circumstances
Game: Fixed a bug where world animations would stutter or stop completely for different environmental effects (e.g. rain, trees or building animations).
UI: Game Progress for unlocked buildings now only counts buildings that are actually placeable by the player.
UI: Settler Dialogs now only show a close button if the mission is a mission from the bulletin board that is not yet solved.

Research: Completely overhauled the research UI for better usability and overview. Technologies are now organized in different tabs and are now organized from left to right.
Expeditions: The inventory screen (Loot and return) of expeditions has been overhauled for better usability. It is now easier and faster to fill up the inventory with different resources by using sliders.
Buildings: The workplace radius of all related buildings can now be changed while the building is still in construction.
Buildings: Inventory Limits can now be adjusted while the building is still in construction.
Buildings: The water source UI now also displays the count of all valid sources inside the workplace radius.
Sound: Added sound effect to placing a drag/drop world task (e.g. upgrade buildings/demolish buildings etc.).
UI: “Mailto:” Links now open in the correct mail app.
Buildings: After visiting a building, settlers will no longer walk to a random position around their current location, but will walk to a random position around the building's entry.
Environment: The game now creates resource piles in the world if the internal storage of the production building is full.
Savegame: Overhauled asset loading when starting the game to be less stressful on your system.
Expeditions: Tweaked a “ruin city”, so that the diner ruin is never occluded by trees and always visible.
Savegame: Recipes unlocked by technologies now unlock corresponding technologies when loading a savegame.
Buildings: Building buttons now hide their tooltip when they were already built and are only placeable once.
Side Missions: “A Light for the Night” side mission is now only put on the bulletin board, when the player has wind generators or solar collectors already researched, making it more realistic to complete the mission.
Buildings: Recipe selection has been improved, so that recipe selection and production are done at the same spot.
UI: Scroll sensitivity of all text fields have been reduced, to avoid unwanted behavior.
UI: The goals window of the HUD now has Tabs when playing in scenarios, so that side missions and scenario goals are categorized and allow for a clear focus.
Buildings: All houses and shelters received a visual overhaul so they can be distinguished better and don’t contribute too much to the “visual noise”.
UI: Improved tooltips with more information and overall better structure and presentation.
Buildings: Changed the efficiency UI of every related building to be more clear and descriptive. It now displays if electricity boosts the building or not.
Side Missions: Changed the “overpopulation” side mission so it is less misleading (hopefully), and doesn’t require you to simply “wait”.
Buildings: Changed the behavior of technology missions on the forum. These missions were previously filling up the available missions slots, preventing some other missions from ever appearing. This has now been reduced to max. one technology mission at a time, giving more space for all other missions to appear.
System: Several Performance boosts and internal system overhauls to go lighter on CPU and GPU usage to avoid overheating issues.
Session Settings: Removed the “Legacy” option for research in the settings of a new session.
Trading: Adjusted trade values of hemp, iodine-tablets and expedition rations
Side Missions: Greatly reduced the amount of herbal huts and medical facilities needed for the “Sick Survivors” Side Mission.
Builders: Improved logic for profession “builder” for repairing buildings.

Known Issues
Localizations: Some languages didn’t receive their proofread versions for a small number of UI texts yet. This will be improved in a future patch.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.1.7950.29376
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