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Greetings, survivors!

The first regular patch for the release version of Endzone - A World Apart
focuses on bringing various bug fixes, tweaks and quality of life improvements to the game.

Options: Added an option to enable/disable camera edge scrolling.
Raiders: Added difficulty levels for raiders when starting a new game. Raider difficulty can now be adjusted to 'Off', 'Easy', 'Normal' or 'Hard' modes. This is also reflected in game presets, if you start an "Easy game" for example, Raider difficulty level will be set to easy automatically.
Statistics: Added a "'Stored in Well' entry for water storage.
UI: Added a point-navigation to the game modes overview when starting a new session in the main menu.

Achievements: Fixed achievements where resources only needed to be produced, but only resources in storage were counted (stew, cake, contamination kits).
Achievements: Fixed the "Industrialist" achievement, which requested over 200 production buildings instead of the predicted 40 to unlock.
Buildings: When cutting down an orchard, the amount of received wood is not based on the last harvest anymore. Instead, it now only depends on whether a tree is fully grown or not.
Buildings: Fixed a bug that resulted in max inhabitants being wrongfully reset when loading a savegame for Watch Towers, Schools and Graveyards.
Buildings: Fixed issue with the upgraded town center that could lead to wrong collision or placement.
Buildings: Building efficiencies are now only affected by finished buildings in radius.
Buildings: Fixed issue that caused buildings to be buildable over existing power poles.
Diseases: Diseases no longer spread while the game is paused.
Expeditions: Scouts can no longer be sent to a ruin ahead of the tutorial progress.
Localization: Several fixed of wrong spelling or typos in different languages. Additionally, some "corrupted" expedition texts in Chinese were fixed.
Raiders: Fixed an error that could lead to raiders being stuck.
Raiders: Fixed militia behaviour for better ammo fetching during an active raider attack.
Raiders: Fixed a bug where raiders would no longer trigger.
Settlers: Several fixes to erroneous settler behavior.
Settlers: Fixed visuals of settlers with radiation suits, which were sometimes oversaturated/wrongly colorized.
Side Missions: Fixed an error that could result in too many buildings getting damaged during a "catastrophe" mission.
Side Missions: Paying resources of type food now removes the correct amount. (Traders)
Statistics: Ruins that are fully explored and fully looted now count correctly towards the expedition game progress in the statistics.
Statistics: Fixed resources of type food being added twice to production statistics.
Streets: Building roads while being in the diagonal road mode now shows the correct number of cells.
UI: Hitting reset in custom survival game settings now resets the settings to the correct preset.
Wildlife: Fixed error with wildlife spawns and distribution.

Buildings: The cost to repair buildings has been reduced from 80% to 60% to make repairing buildings cheaper in general.
Expeditions: Added a new detection method to the camera during expeditions that uses rotation in order to better focus all dialog options.
Expeditions: Ruins that offer only resources are now one time only and don't reset and are not reusable anymore, as reusable expedition sites caused a lot of confusion and are not that practical.
Highlights: Improved the overall hover highlight behavior, when hovering over objects in the world. The behavior now uses an outline instead of an x-ray-effect.
Trading: Added ammunition and sulfur to resources that can be traded.
UI: Improved feedback and skipping behaviour in settler dialogues.
UI: The edge panning cursor is now only displayed when edge scrolling is active in the options.
UI: Game time is no longer paused when loading a savegame.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.0.7773.25010
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