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We've just released another Hotfix for Endzone - A World Apart. It contains small improvements and fixes, based on your valuable feedback. It should improve your overall experience with the game. Please keep reporting possible bugs or issues you encounter!

Buildings: Fixed education center, as there were errors with the 3d model, its textures and the reaction to wind.
Expeditions: Expedition window now correctly hides/shows different sub elements if all expeditions have been solved.
Expeditions: Expedition loot screen can't exceed 100% anymore.
Research: Fixed corrupted/broken tech tree, when starting a new session while another session is already open.
Research: Tech point research progress is now correctly reset when starting a new session while another session is running.
Savegames: Removed savegame upload as this could cause the game to stutter & become unresponsive.
System: Fixing crash when starting the game for the very first time, when any DLCs are installed.
Feedback/STOMT: Fixed black screen error when system calendar is based on arabic languages.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.1.7955.27193
Post edited October 12, 2021 by Assemble_Skoddy