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We've just released our fifth Hotfix, which contains small improvements and fixes, based on your valuable feedback. Especially, removing the minimum amount of water that had to be available, before settlers started to drink, should improve your overall experience with the game. Please keep reporting possible bugs or issues you encounter!

Options: Added an 'on demand rendering option' to the options menu. Enabling this option might help with performance issues depending on system specs and hardware.

Buildings: Fixed possible error when demolishing unfinished Market, Food Station or Water Point.
Buildings: Fixed field being set to "Harvest Now" when selected after selecting an Orchard that was set to "Cut down trees".
Raiders: Fixed one raider returning the wrong amount of resources if driven away by the player.
Side Missions: Fixed possible error in Side Mission UI.
Sound: While placing a building, the building sound now moves with the building instead of staying at one point on the map.
System: Fixed possible crashes related to certain graphic cards.
Trading: Fixed possible error when trading food.

Settlers: Removed minimum amount of water that must be available before settlers drink to prevent settlers from dying of thirst in higher difficulty levels, even though small amounts of water are available.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.0.7866.20740