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Due to numerous reports of death waves that occurred when building a shelter early in the game, we decided to let aged settlers move out of houses automatically to give younger settlers the chance to replace them and start a family. This prevents aged settlers from blocking houses until their death which led to younger settlers moving into houses too late to have children before they reach old age themselves, resulting in sudden extinction of large parts of the population, especially early in the game.

Buildings: Temporary storeroom, warehouse, and upgraded warehouse can now accept medicine, in order to store medicine that was acquired by trading or expeditions. Medicine that was produced in medical facilities will stay there unless transported to a market.
Buildings: The Town Center now accepts hearty meals, stew and cake in their inventory.
Expeditions: The expeditions UI no longer indicates that collectibles can be found in a fully explored location, if the corresponding collectible has already been unlocked through research.
Expeditions: Fully explored ruins no longer show their progress to have a consistent look with ruins that didn't have a story.
Scenarios: The last quest of the Garden Eden scenario now asks the player to provide a home for all settlers.
Settlers: Fixed several cases where builders would idle instead of following repair or construction tasks.
Side Missions: Fixed some wrong Loca connections in side missions.
Side Missions: Missions that require buildings of a specific category being connected to a power grid now check all respective buildings correctly.
UI: The red highlight that indicates invalid placement positions while in build mode no longer glitches when trying to place a building outside the left or bottom map border.
UI: Fixed skipping of several affected settlers when toggling through them using the red drawback icons at the bottom of the screen.
UI: Fixed some values in age distribution statistics not showing their correct values in early seasons.
UI: Small stability fixes to prevent exceptions.
UI: It's no longer possible to go into the main menu from a resource payment that was requested from a mission (e.g. raiders) by pressing ESC:
UI: Autosave can no longer be triggered while the player is in the resource payment window.

Expeditions: Tweaked the order of decisions at the Cake Shop to make them less linear.
Expeditions: The group leader of an expedition is no longer random to ensure that he always receives and therefore visually represents tools or radiation protection that are found during an expedition.
Expeditions: All advantages due to a certain profession are now advantages due to settler badges, to make them more failsafe when assembling an expedition.
Side Missions: In the electric overload side mission the player no longer needs to build recyclers, he instead has to employ more refiners (making it possible to solve the mission with a refinery).
Side Missions: Rescaled the trigger condition for the side mission "We're Getting Older and Older".

Known Issues
Settlers: Under certain conditions, that we can’t yet reproduce, settlers sometimes don’t repair buildings, we are investigating this issue.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.0.7822.26058