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Greetings, survivors!

The third hotfix addresses some UI issues and bad localization texts. Please keep giving us feedback and suggestions, as well as reporting bugs in the discussions or via our discord. We try to respond to every thread and are always happy to help.

Localizations: Fixed some bad translations in French.
Orchards: Cutting down trees on orchards works as intended again.
Scenarios: Fixed wrong goal text in last Garden Eden mission.
UI: Fixed a bug where the population growth indicator would use data from other game sessions, if the player started another sessions from an already running session.

Side Missions: Some Side Missions now require fewer buildings to be built.
UI: Improved the population growth indicator calculation to give a better and more useful outsight.
UI: The trading window can no longer be closed using the buttons in the top bar, when the final agreement dialogue for a trade is triggered.

- Your team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.0.7794.23703