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Thanks to your feedback we could pin down some issues and release the first Hotfix on the Full Release version

Important note: With this hotfix we are addressing some issues that have been reported to us on a frequent basis and should also help the current state of the raiders. Additionally, we continue on fixing issues and listening to your feedback, especially in regard to the raider feature. We try to respond to every thread and are always happy to help. Please don't be surprised if not all known issues have been fixed with this hotfix, we are still aware of them.

Buildings: Fixed production buildings not moving resources to depositories even though those have enough space left.
Buildings: Fixed a bug where some ground cells are highlighted as blocking even though they aren’t while trying to place new buildings in areas where buildings have been dismantled. This fix only works for newly placed buildings after this Hotfix.
Buildings: Fixed Expedition Rations being radiated when radiated water is used.
Settlers: Fixed cases where the spawn of ‘resource piles' lead to block the settlers from getting new tasks.
Settlers: Fixed a bug that could break the work assignments for settlers.
Settlers: Fixed settlers being stuck in a job switching loop.
Raiders: Fixed Raiders sometimes no longer triggering after a certain season is reached.
Town Center: The fully upgraded Town Center no longer has false information about electricity effects.
UI: Decrees should now always be correctly greyed out when they are not usable.
UI: Endscreen of Scenarios now show the correct message when it’s Game Over.
UI: Fixed cursor flickering issue that could also lead to a drop in FPS.
UI: Fixed a bug where the UI stopped working correctly when trying to remove streets.
Savegames: Fixed two potential causes for corrupted savegames.

Raiders: Raider now appear in lower frequency.
Raiders: Tribute now scales less fast when paying them several times.
Raiders: Raiders first appearance is now slightly later in the game.
Raiders: Watchtower can now be occupied with up to 10 Militias.
Side Missions: “Heroes feast” now asks for Food instead of a hearty meal.
Side Missions: “This Illness Is Nothing to Sneeze At” now triggers at a higher number of sick settlers and asks for less medicine to be produced.
UI: The FPS Limit is now greyed out when Vsync is enabled as it doesn’t work in this combination.
Game Modes: Easy mode is now the default mode for a new session as it’s the game mode that is also used in the tutorial.
Repair: Buildings set to ‘build next’ are now getting repaired partially if not all resources are available.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.0.7755.23263