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I purchased this game on
It is very playable on Debian Bullseye. I used Lutris and installed with defaults. Running on modest hardware.

That being said. I hope a Linux native version is released at some time.

Game development tools have been improving. I would like to see a future that developers can code once and they can release OS native versions without any additional work. Then developers can be concerned with making great games. Not where their most profitable users are.
I'm on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.

So, I just bought the game, first on steam, then here on GOG.

The steam version (running via proton) wouldn't save correctly, because when selecting "load" there would be no save (all slots were empty). I got a refund.

The GOG version installs via WINE and runs smoothly out of the box for me. The only issue I'm having so far is, that the game gets borked when I tab out. When I tab back into the game, I have this weird mouse cursor and cannot click anything and keyboard input is also being ignored - all while the game goes on. When tabbing out of the main menu the game freezes, too, but the cursor doesn't change.