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Get ready for new adventures and visit distant places, far, far away!

Distant Places is fairly unusual DLC, both for you and for us. Unlike previous content for Endzone, we had to reach into the bag of tricks a bit for this one. From the very beginning of Endzone's development, we knew we wanted to implement expeditions as a feature, and we did. Of course, we also fantasized that off-map expeditions could be even more interesting and exciting than just local ones. However, due to our schedule, the large list of planned features and the overwhelming feedback during Early Access, we put this idea aside.

With Distant Places, however, we had the opportunity to revisit this topic and finally implement it. We wanted to give Endzone a new coat of paint and designed different biomes, which we then also worked out quite quickly, almost completely detached from existing systems, as an interactive game world. Seeing how far we could stretch the possibilities was really motivating. Of course, we didn't just want to present more expeditions, as you already know them, in a new setting, but to tell deeper stories that break up the isolated center of Endzone, your own settlement. We wanted to show you how other survivors roam the planet and how they fight for survival in the harsh lands of our game world.

Working on this DLC has given us a lot of experience for future development, and we hope you'll enjoy experiencing the stories as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Survivors, get ready. The gates to distant lands are open and just waiting to be explored.


As soon as the first part of an expedition is successfully completed to 100%, the second and then the third part are automatically unlocked. After completing all the sub-missions of a Global Expedition, you will unlock a new Decoration Building to commemorate your travels. Each of these buildings has the same construction cost and gives a beauty bonus of 10 for surrounding buildings.

Each expedition also unlocks a new technology that can be researched in the Research Station. Unlike before, this is not a building, recipe or decree, but a Passive Bonus that remains permanently active once it has been researched.


Along the Distant Places release, we have also released Hotfix #14 for Endzone - A World Apart.
This hotfix contains small tweaks and fixes, once again based on your ongoing and valuable feedback!


With the release of our Distant Places DLC, we are also pushing out this hotfix with some fixes for the main game. Please keep reporting possible bugs or issues you might encounter!

--- Known Issues ---
Localization: Sadly some of the localizations for french, spanish and brazilian portuguese didn't make it into the release version of Distant Places. We'll publish an update as soon as those translations arrived. Until then, our fallback is based on automatic translations.

--- FIXED ---
Options: The popup that warns the player about a monitor with a high refresh rate no longer triggers every time the game is started. Also, options will no longer be reset when the popup is triggered. However, this will happen one last time with this update, but should be fixed afterwards.
Buildings: Fixed an error that could result in stuck animals at the entrance of pastures. This should also be fixed in savegames that are currently having this error.
Settlers: Fixed settlers that would not change into builders when they were previously assigned as a milita unit.
Buildings: Fixed a problem with dead pasture animals that would not be removed correctly in specific cases.

- Your team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment