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Some skills are still rather elusive to me.

How do you use active medical skills, like first aid?
I can't add medical skills to the active skills bar while I can add the items like a stimpack to the belt. But that doesn't require any skills. I could add skills like lockpicking,which should be in the same groupo of actrive skills.

Perks do work, and active weapon skills are added depending on what you have in your hands. A light wapon skill will be added automatically when you use a light weapon.

Same with debuffs. While Psy works, bad mojoo like bleeding or setting on fire don't seem to faze my enemies. EWven though the effects are shown as active.

How many teammembers/employers/goofers can you have without investing in the leadership tree? I had two with barely enough leadership for one - even though one of the two was most likely only a temporary follower.

Is there a light source/torchlight etc.? Some locations, like a certain quirky cave is extremely dark which might be a good idea to search for hidden loot.

How do I apply skills like scrap metal tailoring? I can strip arnor pllates, but I didn't find a workbench for creating new armor or fiximg/repairing equipment. All I found so far is a chem workbench and a workbench where you can build a few basic knifes and lockpicks...

How do you use the rod for cleaning weapons? My weapon is sometimes in a sorry state, because I never have found cleaning kits or something similar - had to switch weapons to reduce jamming back to normal levels.

Beside those questions I really like the alpha a lot. Lots of things to try, lots of funny but pointless ways to die ;-)
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