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Hello, everyone! The Dark Crystal Games team is back with a new development update. Today we will reveal the details of the third content patch, that will be released on August 13.

Reworked RPG balance, updated locations, exciting stories and adventures, stealth, non-lethal weapons and new artifacts to study — learn all about it in our new video or in text version.

What awaits you in third content patch? - Encased RPG Development Update #10]What awaits you in third content patch? - Encased RPG Development Update #10

Reworked RPG system

In the third content match, we paid great attention to the role-playing system. Reworked the balance of all the main character attributes, linked to them characteristics and skills. We also added completely new parameters that will help players tune their characters more accurately.

Several skill branches were combined to become more valuable to players. There are now more useful abilities, both combat and social, in each skill branch. Old abilities were also massively reworked.

Perks will also be changed a lot with the update. We added new choices, reworked the old ones, fixed the ones that didn't work.

This will give players a whole new experience of tactical battles, exciting duels and a deep dive into the world of Encased.

New weapons

Reworked combat abilities also affected the weapon arsenal! We have prepared new types of weapons, redesigned the appearance and attributes of existing guns, batons and even brass knuckles.

For example, we added a disc thrower, a new type of weapon from the Heavy Weapons branch. It shoots discs at the target that can bounce off to the closest battle participants, including your allies, so be careful! The disc thrower’s unique ability is “Piercing Disc”, that allows you to hit all targets along the attack line.

Disc throwers are not the only new weapon type. Players can expect fantastic particle accelerators, dart guns that poison enemies, makeshift acid guns and much more!

Renewed locations

We've redesigned many existing locations. You will find new points of interest, interactive items, random events and even merchants. Some locations have become more dangerous and received anomalous traps. Keep your eyes peeled and don't forget to carry a bunch of bolts to disarm them.

These changes would not have been possible without terrific feedback from our players. We read your comments carefully and take them into consideration when finalizing the content.

New equipment

Our designers did not forget about Dome’s fashion experts either. Encased now has several new equipment sets of new factions! For example, if you meet representatives of the Maelstrom Church, Phalanx or Carmine Heights, you can get their set of armor… How exactly? It's up to you!

Difficulty settings

If you are tired of fruitless attempts to beat rats in the basement or if you have not found a single worthy opponent under the Dome, then we have good news for you. Four difficulty settings will appear in Encased.

Starting from the Story mode, where you won't have to worry about your combat skills at all, all the way up to the Tactics mode, where every mistake is fatal and the synergy of your squad's skills is an important condition for survival.


CRONUS Corporation employees finally received long-awaited cloaking systems!

Now you have to sneak into protected and patrolled areas to perform important tasks. Many abilities in stealth get bonus effects. Some of them can even deal up to 3 times more critical damage than normally!

Non-lethal weapon

If you're a true pacifist and aren't ready to get your hands dirty with enemies' blood, then you'll have to use stealth skills to covertly disable your enemies and equip non-lethal weapons!

We promised long ago that you’ll be able to play through the game without killing anybody! Now it’s finally possible.

What’s next?

In the end we want to share with you our future plans.

Right now the whole Dark Crystal Games studio is in the most important stage of development. Not only are we preparing new content for patch number 3: which will be released on August 13th, but we are also ready to announce the release date of the full game very soon!