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We continue to work on our mistakes tirelessly: in this version, a bunch of uncritical, but annoying little things have been fixed.

Join the bug tests and send us your reports to make Encased even better.

Patch list

Game mechanics:

- “Bandaging” ability and the objects “bandage” and “bandage from rags” has been fixed;
- “Steam blow” status has been fixed;
- Trading with the character Match fixed;


- Sound bug when MOBIOS appeared in the grotto fixed;
- Door punching sound fixed;

Balance and items:

- A small rebalance of resistance to various types of damage was made, defence class of protection and dodge of most creatures;
- The attributes of the Arena characters are rebalanced;
- The description of the Triskel relic before and after the scan has been fixed;
- The description of the Brass Apple relic before and after the scan has been fixed;
- Broken grenades after buying them from merchants fixed;
- The pistol template next to the excavations in the Barrens location fixed;
- Margarita Tkachenko’s items changed;
- Defibrillators added to merchants’ shops;
- Improved sorting of items in inventory;

Dialogues quests, localization:

- Repeated dialogue options with the Orange Wing informant have been removed;
- The dialogue with Henrietta Russo fixed;
- The dialogue of the Roadside Picnic event has been fixed;
- Typos in the dialogue with Clara Morgan fixed;
- Magellan Stand By quest completion issue fixed;
- In the Name of Science quest at Magellan lab floor fixed;
- Dead insect vignette at Magellan fixed;
- Interaction with the corpse in the “Family Values” quest fixed;
- Phalanx representatives dialogue typo in the Sonora bunker fixed;
- Game of bolts dialogue fixed;
- Dialogue with the Oranges at the 2nd floor of Magellan fixed;
- Portrait of Kurt Wittmann fixed;
- The ability to report sabotage without evidence fixed;
- Loss of partners in the Mirror vignette fixed;
- Straight to the Punishment Cell quest and the combat behavior of Ida Grace during the conflict with the Oranges fixed;
- Straight to the Punishment Cell: the beginning of the combat collision when choosing some solution options fixed;
- Straight to the Punishment Cell combat situation issue when the player escapes from the battle fixed;
- Typos in the Mirror vignette fixed;
- The possibility of endlessly gaining experience in a dialogue with an elevator at Nashville fixed;


- Verification of ability requirements when studying perks fixed;
- Display of negative status modifiers fixed;
- The effect of applying bandages fixed;
- Minimaps of some locations fixed;

Corrections on locations:

- The decorum on the -1 floor of Nashville fixed;
- Highlighting of non-existent items on Magellan fixed;
- Shootout Site encounter improved;
- Improved characters in the event "Machine in the desert";
- The dummy in Car in the Desert encounter fixed;
- Position of objects in the camp at Car in the Desert location fixed;
- The name of the librarian at Magellan fixed;
- Access to objects in the gas station basement fixed;
- Access to some items through the walls at the Concord station fixed;
- Access to some objects at Project Emulator location fixed;
- Entrance to the sewers at Roadside Picnic location fixed;
- The appearance of traders in random encounters fixed;
- Access to some items in Junktown fixed;
- The security level of some merchants fixed;
- Barrens location encounter improved;
- Stack of leaflets in residential areas of Magellan fixed;
- The use of stairs at Barrens location fixed;
- Yoko’s behavior when opening a door in the Sonora bunker fixed;
- The death of the player’s character when appearing in the Unknown Place with maximum fatigue fixed.