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Two days ago we released the second big content patch, in which we added many new dialogues, quests and locations, significantly improved graphics and fixed the balance. Along with the update, several annoying bugs leaked into the game, which we try to quickly fix. The first portion of fixes is already here.

In today’s hotfix 1 we eliminated following errors:

- Removed the empty location in the center of the Dome, which can be accessed but cannot be left;
- Fixed loss of lore record in dialogue with Katarzyna Belitskaya;
- Visual artifacts in the Nashville cave in the first act have been fixed;
- Fixed an error that caused the necroid in the basement of the filling station to die of anomalies;
- Added loading screen on Campbell station location;
- Added plug-in images in random encounter “Blisters”;
- Fixed an error in the "I clicked and all disappeared" quest when the dialogue with Indra Kapoor didn’t show a line about a broken nail;
- Removed player's personal boxes at Concord station;
- Fixed the "missing" railings at Concord station;
- Fixed typos in dialogues;
- The loading screen has been replaced on the Garrison location of Magellan station;
- “Fist attack bonus” skill requirements have been reduced;
- Fixed a door on the Garrison location of Magellan station;
- Fixed the screens on the technical floor of the Magellan station;
- Fixed bolt throw on the ability bar and tool belt;
- Rev+ now removes high level radiation diseases;
- Temporarily disabled “Situationally attentive” perk, it will be reworked;
- Fixed a situation where a character could end up on the roof when standing up from a sofa.;
- Fixed a tooltip while pointing at objects and abilities, now it shows not only the object, but also the action;
- Fixed freezes while pointing on a sofa in a Junktown house;
- Fixed freezes while using psionic attacks (often happened on Roadside Picnic location);
- Fixed the Pepper character ammo, now he can attack correctly;
- Fixed overpowered damage of Fox’s critical attacks;
- Fixed freezes while entering locations from the global map

We carefully inspect reports you sent us and continue to work actively to fix errors. All further fixes will be included in hotfix 2.

Thank you for staying with us. See you under the Dome!