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From the very beginning of the game’s development, our community has been actively involved in the work on Encased, proposing marvelously insane weapon ideas, interesting encounters and exciting new characters (we even added some of them to the game).

But perhaps the biggest contribution to the development came from users who sent us bug reports. Thank you for helping make Encased even better, more stable, and more player-friendly.

Below is a list of changes that we made to the game along with the fresh hotfix:


- Fixed freezing of the necroid in the sewer under the Roadside Picnic,
- Fixed the appearance of the necroid from the grave at Roadside Picnic,
- Fixed radiation aura at the grave necroid at Roadside Picnic,
- Fixed stairs in the basement of Bradbury station
- Fixed the process of player’s detection near the boxes on the third exit of the Concord station,
- Fixed the radius of detection for characters at the Concord station,
- Fixed passability on the Laboratory floor of the Magellan station,


- Fixed merchants assortment of goods, including the appearance of the Carmine Heights equipment,
- Fixed the cost of playing bolts in dialogue with the Oranges at the Concord station,
- Fixed weapons of scientists on the Magellan Science Floor,
- Changed the characteristics of the arena fighters: Fox, Samuel Levy, Ken Mason,


- Fixed the tutorial on using stealth,


- Fixed the breaking of the quest involving poisoned water with a certain combination of using valves,
- Fixed Akira not responding to Yoko's return in the Imprinting quest,


- Fixed display of the Roadside Picnic marker in Act I,
- Added a lost "Concrete Plant" location marker in the south of the Dome,


- Fixed the cost of goods in the vending machine dialogue,
- Added dialogues and companions’ AD for various events in the world,
- Fixed scan record of a relic that can be dug up during the dead birds event,
- Fixed a bug in John Evers’ dialogue on Magellan,
- Fixed the "Authority" ability’s description,
- Fixed dialogue in the "Rat Race" event,
- Rewritten most of the quest related to excavations in the Forefathers' cave,
- Additional localization edits,


- Updated blueprint icons to improve weapons,
In the initial Character creation screen, for only Blue Wing, the text for the starting bonuses are in Cyrillic.