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Together with the recently released Patch 3, new weapons and items, stealth movement mechanics, cool perks and... new bugs have appeared in the Encased world. This list is what issues we’ve addressed in the Hotfix.


- Reduced the detection radius of the turrets at the "Object C12 -Nashville- Parking" location in the prologue,
- Fixed passability on the residential floor of the Magellan station,
- Fixed loot in some graves at the "Radioactive Graveyard" location,
- Fixed passability in the sewers of the Magellan station,
- Fixed passability at the “Arena" location,


- Fixed the description of the "Wastedlander" perk,
- Fixed a bug when learning the "Strong Arguments" perk,
- Fixed the player's PDA freezing related to the "Ghost" perk,
- Blocked non-working perks,
- Fixed freezes and problems when taking a number of perks,


- Archimedes Lab Belt: bonus to energy damage has been replaced by a bonus to energy resistance,
- Kraut nail gun: added effect of "cone" shot,
- Jacket from the grave: fixed AP bonus,
- Rebalanced buttstrokes for most weapons,
- Changed the characteristics of some weapons,
- Changed the sounds for some types of weapons,
- Increased the chance for the appearance of Energon, Atox and other helpful drugs at the drug stores,


- Stealth: fixed bugs with filling the Detection scale,
- Fixed the start of dialogue with some characters when the player is in stealth mode,


- Removed markers from locations not included in Act I,


- Added a unique effect for the Powerful Rollout ability,
- Fixed bugs related to the "Smart Home" system in the player's room on Magellan,
- Increased the amount of ammunition that the player receives in the Concord,
- Fixed the list of goods at the merchants of the New Committee,
- Fixed faction of Concord employees,
- Fixed renting a house in the Suburbs,
- Kurt Spengler now blocks breaking cell doors,
- Fixed pimp spawning in Suburb at night.