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Hello. I am currently playing the tutorial campaign. In a mission required 3 types of food to offer 'appetizing food' to the people, both game meat and millet are collected without any problems. However, for wheat only, the guy who transfers it keeps saying there is no room for him to store the wheat. But as you can see in the screenshot, my mill is empty and set to get wheat only.

Is this a bug?
1.png (475 Kb)
2.png (445 Kb)
Obvious question: is the wheat farm actually connected to the mill? A simple test is to put down a warehouse to accept Wheat and see if he deposits it there: if he does, the game's working fine and you likely don't have a road connection from farm to mill. If it doesn't work, then it might be a bug requiring you to reload the mission/game.
Thanks for the reply. There is a road connecting the two buildings. I also tried to set one of my warehouses to accept wheat only but this issue still persists.

I guess this is a bug then. :(
Assuming everything is mechanically correct, roads, etc...

The delivery mechanic is a bit wonky. It doesnt always like to adjust once the source initial destination changes. So 100 wheat is delivered to a bakery that is full, he will just stand there instead of redirecting to the empty warehouse right next door. Happens on occasion but usually you dont notice due to sheer force of goods movement through the chain.

Easiest way to roll their orders over is to restart. I suspect based on the time between your posts you probably did that several times. More disruptive, you can delete the source of the good, in this case the wheat farm. Finally you can blow away the destination and try again. One of those usually works to free up the remaining parts of the economy chain.