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I'd swear something is amiss with this game: I am only a few missions in and yet everything in my cities is *constantly* on fire and/or collapsing due to poor maintenance. And yes, I have watchtowers and maintenance offices. In fact I've CRAMMED my cities with them, but no dice. I watch the walkers from those buildings go to the most-frequently affected structures and back again and yet every 2-3 years, my houses, fishing docks or (most often) granaries go up in smoke. What gives? I don't remember this happening when I played this game off a disc many years ago.
Just some guesses...

- They are within a tile of a road that a walker moves past?
- You are fully funding maintenance?
- Roads are loops, so sheer force of randomness might make it that a walker may never pass?
- Gateways/Road Blocks arent blocking them?

Can post a screenshot as well. Or maybe its juts bugged on the map, though I have personally never encountered this.
Consider prioritising the "Safety" aspect, as it might be low staffed. At Very Hard, buildings collapse much faster than on Hard.

Most of the tips from muttly13 are sound advice, but also consider that you might have spies in your city: they can set things on fire and disrupt your city.

Please upload a save game file to the forum (since it only accepts images, make sure you copy the save file somewhere else, and then add a .png file extension at the end so it can be uploaded).
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I had that issue on disk years ago for one mission. I exited out of the mission and reloaded it and it fixed the problem.