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We're trying to play multiplayer, but the constantly fluctuating speeds is very very annoying. Anyone have a good fix/solution?
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Realised that nobody answered this question. Emperor multiplayer is a Peer-to-Peer based game, thus it relies on the connections of everyone to be good. If people have a poor quality connection, the game will become jumpy and unreliable. Ensure that users have good quality connections before starting a multiplayer session.
Also, I haven't tried multiplayer on the Gog version yet, but the original game allowed players to pause their own city and get as far as 3 months ahead of or behind other players. When unpaused each player's game would adjust its speed accordingly to compensate and try to get everyone back on the same page. Avoid or limit pausing and speed fluctuations may go away.
It works exactly like this but the problem is the system is picking 100% speed which on modern machines is way too fast. I makes Multiplayer games ery annoying and almost unplayable :(.

I wish we had some tool or a config file to limit the maximum possible speeed of the game, that would make the multiplayer work just like back then

Do yoou know any way to limit the game's possible speed?
if you guys find out how to fix the speed, please post it or a link on how to fix it, cause i'm really interested