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I'm just wandering aimlessly filling up my bag with stuff I mostly can't seem to use on anything. Dumping things when I want to pick up something new.

Is something going to happen? Am I not doing the thing that makes something happen? Am I just too impatient?
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Have you asked the hotel man about computer?
If my memory correctly, He will open the door to the basement and there is a key to open the door of room in upper floor
I've talked to the hotel staff (lady, handyman, and cook) repeatedly and no one has offered to unlock that door.
Sorry, my memory was wrong.Today I played the beginning of the game until get the key in 3 days in the game time.
Have you meet Pixie, a girl, in a bar in basement? and meeting her again in the next day. go after her, drink a lot of beer.eventually you awaken in her room.
Talk to her, go after her, go on a shoe shop and give a shop clerk a cigar and open door, meet Pixie again.
After that events, go back the hotel, and the left door(not to the dinar room) will be the room, get the key.

Maybe easier solutions would exist (using a computer in the hotel lobby to open the door for example) but I think what I mentioned is a normal way.
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