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ERISS: I'll choose Berzerkers, because I play nature lovers (woodelf ranger in all games). I don't care about their magic.
I didn't choose Clerics because they are too fond of technology.
I didn't choose Outlaws because they are too egotist.
That's how I am too, but I joined the Clerics because of Jax. Jax saw the Clerics as just common sense to him that the Clerics are the group with the most promise. They seemed the most focused on what's important, thwarting the Alb takeover, and they were the ones on the front lines fighting the war trying to push back the Albs. Everyone else seemed to be too caught up on their own issues rather than focusing on what's important. Of course, in the end, Reinhold proved to be kind of stupid. I mean, Jax was a Regent and former Commander of armed forces, yet it didn't occur to Reinhold . . nor Jax apparently, that Jax could command the troops. Not to mention, the Clerics also had already actively worked towards finding common ground with at least the Berserkers, and they were open minded to others also. So, Jax decided that the Clerics are the best option for effectively pushing back the Albs and bringing peace between the factions.

I played on Ultra. What I didn't like is that energy weapons are basically useless even with everything maxed out. Even the Redeemer was useless except for that it could knock things down and freeze robots and mutants. That was basically its only use the whole time I had it because it doesn't do enough damage to make an actually effective weapon. It was one of the reasons Jax joined the Clerics. Jax figured that energy weapons would be the best weapon-type for accomplishing his objectives. Little did he know that Magalan is a meta-melee world.
I originally chose berserkers in my ps4 playthrough, and I'm not sure where I'm at in pc. I haven't played it in some time. Thinking about reinstalling it if I'm being honest.

This game just has so much charm if you can get past its early brutality.
Berserkers, I figured as an Alb on the run the Clerics would be too obvious and the Outlaws just weren't trustworthy enough to keep my identity a secret.
drakrochma: I did not choose a faction til now.
Somehow every faction sucks :(

Should I go to the treeloving neandertals, the the killing maniacs or to the fanatics?
There is no faction i would like to go to.

And so I am stil level 5 and did only play the game for maybe 3 or 4 hours.
And I do not think this will change :(
You're joking right? You've barely even played the game dude. Keep playing, it's an amazing game!
cobalt358: Berserkers, I figured as an Alb on the run the Clerics would be too obvious and the Outlaws just weren't trustworthy enough to keep my identity a secret.
Honestly I think the Berserkers have the best lore, anyway.
TimJD: Invest in the 'taking trophies' skill, it is your basic form of income
This! I spent two days running around killing monsters randomly, looting them, selling everything, buying Elex and Alcohol at the stores, making Elex potions that give you two skill points and repeat! After these two days every stat was at 100, and was able to learn everything.