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perhaps this mod can prove useful?
CMiq: Setting this up in and getting Autohotkey to override the locked keys is quite simple actually. It's also rather quick and dirty but it does what it's supposed to do, at least for me:

1) Install autohotkey and run it
2) Open AutoHotkey.ahk (there should be a green icon with a capital "H" in the system tray bottom right -> right click -> "Edit this script") and delete all of its content so that you have a blank slate
3) Add:

#IfWinActive, ELEX


with the keys in front of the double colons (e,s,d,f in this example) "acting" as if they were the keys after the double colons (w,a,s,d)

4) Save + close it and right click on the green icon in the system tray again -> "Reload this script"
5) Run ELEX and voila
though it seems that the developer's have abandoned the game (last update a year ago) I thank you for the quick Auto hotkey script.

I used to swap the S and X keys since that is what i prefer :).
I found AHK to "work somehow"; but am not happy with it.
I want something that allows me to *rebind* the keys in use, not swap around.

This file here does exactly the job I expected, but I don't know whose googledrive it is.
I found it via

Does anybody know its source (in both meanings)? e.g. a github project or such.
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