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I was hoping that Pirahnabytes could make a patch that places dodging as the highest priority, meaning that whenever dodge is activated, any and all other things and movement sequences are immediately ended and the dodge takes place.

Alternatively, make dodging an internal skill that automatically increases every level, or maybe have it influenced by the melee skill, or maybe have a record of how often Jax dodged during each level and increase it proportionally. Then you could have it take greater priority over other actions as Jax's dodging skill increases.

I noticed that Jax has an obsessive compulsion in which he absolutely must finish his previous movement before he can dodge. This makes dodging feel clunky, and it gets him killed all of the time, especially because I play on the hardest difficulty.

I understand that realistically if you don't have your footing, you can't dodge very well. So, if you made it a skill, then that would mean his ability to move into a dodge immediately from his current action sequence and footing should get better as he rises in level or practices dodging.

It's frustrating to say the least when I tell Jax to dodge, and he's obsessed with first finishing his swing, and I have to spam the dodge button in hopes that he dodges out of the way in time.