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bushwhacker2k: That's what I said though.

That's not what I said- what I meant was that it defaults to the maximum amount so you'd only have to click 200 times to sell 200 if you had exactly 400 (which is still stupid).

I'm sure that's true.
AlienMind: Oh, I thought by "Also, he adressed game-breaking issues" you wanted to belittle my point.
Oh, I thought you meant I should just click once to sell all and it's OK.

Grandios example how two people can speak around each other :| I'm sorry for any misunderstanding.
Np, hope that patch becomes available for non-Galaxyers soon.
Hey Gog!
Where is a patch for non-Galaxy users?
this is so annyoing... i want the regular downloadable patch, not the galaxy thing...
This post is just to show that i'm annoyed with the situation for non GOG-Galaxy customers as well. Three days for a delivery on a online platform is slower than my mail service. And compared to steam I feel like a second class customer. Good Job
Still not out yet? Jesus fucking christ.

I mean, it's not like that I bought the game or anything, but still.
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disi: Forget it :)
.. *goes on rambling about nothing I said.*
AlienMind: Yeah likewise.
OK, fuck you!
Where is patch? How long wait?!
Still no update for non-Galaxy users?
The full install download now has version 1.0.2846.0, but there is no patch file. I guess we can expect that on Wednesday, as tomorrow is a holiday in Germany?
Check your library, the standalone installer (~98MB) for 1.0.2846.0 has arrived.
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Yigdboz: Check your library, the standalone installer (~98MB) for 1.0.2846.0 has arrived.
But it shows only up for the english download. When I select german there is still only Patch 1.1 ?!
Well, crap.
Maybe it doesn't matter and the English one can be applied to any of the other language versions as well?
That's... weird.
what i dont even get is that we got the 1.1 patch already up. and the "new" patch is a lower version number (1.0.2...)??
Well, that's PB and their weird version build numbering system.

Day One Patch was

, the new patch is


That 1.1 was just plain wrong.
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