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this game needs a pllay manual for lots of reasons.
for example explaining what all the skills mean so you know what it is you are buying into. and would be easier and funner to reference them so you can develope your character without too much guessing. for example what combat value do you get from the "attack strength" skill I know you get one but what value. and the attriburtes are hardly explained I doubt you get any value at all if you do not spend points on skills but this is not explained. and since monsters are so hard to fight why in Hell don't you have at least an explaimantion on what attributes actually do. I know melee skill gives you a 10 percent bonus to melee attacks but what about Heavey Punch or Parry strenght nothing but a guess and I see no reson why there can't be a manual. especially for new commers who see little point in attribute spending beyond finding trainers. I have spent many hours playing this game and am experienced but it would have been funner and if I didn't have to "playtest" in order to learn how to play. since my character is now stuck at level 12 with atttributes and skills spread all aorund the board instead of focusing. I had to do it to learn wht it was the skills even are!
a manual to explain what the stats and skills acraully do wuold be nice, AD&D always does this! this is a roll playing game! not pac man! there needs to be an instruction manual!