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I can not figure out the keyboard key to increase or decrease the gamma slider. I was pushing every key on my keyboard and it moved to the right somewhere around the page down key but the gamma is now to bright and it wont budge . The seemingly simple instructions on the bottom of the screen use a symbol i am not familiar with . the four boxes in a upside down T formation.
Ok , I did finaly figure out that home and end buttons move the slider to the the far right or left settings what is the key for the middle setting
So it turns out that the keys that slide the gamma slider are A and D .
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Latest patches bugged almost everything when it comes to image quality, gamma is broken, lightning is also bugged or downgraded not sure its missing a lot of effects, and now nights are bright almost as normal day light, in atm state the visuals in this game are broken, but other bugs are fixed, not a good trade off.
There are config files too:

ConfigUser.xml in C:\Users\[Gamer]\AppData\Local\ELEX\Config
ConfigDefault.xml and ConfigDefaultNew.xml in G:\GogGames\ELEX\data\ini