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Hello everyone,

for me the game crashes all the time. Sometimes it happens after 10 minutes, sometimes after 30-60 min of playing. The game freezes for a second and then blackscreen. However I can still hear the game running as I can still move my character etc. but the screen stays back. I tried the following:

- Updating all drivers
- Testing other games (older and newer ones). No problem there
- Play on lower settings/resolutions and in window and borderless mode
- Running the game as admin
- Reinstalling the game

I searched the internet and I found people having the same problem, but that was in 2017. I bought Elex now in the sale and I get the same problems as they describe. Their problems seems to being fixed by a patch, but I have the latest version of the game.

Here are my system specs:
i5 6600k Prozessor
Radeon R 390

Any help or good advice would be very much appreciated!
hi. i run the game on all the highest settings, with no frame drops or glitches. comparing my system to yours, i have an I5 3750k, 8 gigs of ram.

the only difference would be the video card, mine is a GTX 960 2GB

i suspect your issue may be the video card