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Andarvi: It is trough Galaxy
disi: Here what I did:
Installed Galaxy, deactivated all features where possible.
Had to sign in, import the game and update.
Uninstall Galaxy.
Clean user profile: in c:\users\<username>\appdata from all "GOG" and/or "Galaxy" folders.
Delete the "GOG Galaxy" folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\.
The Desktop shortcut will not work any more without Galaxy, but the "Launch Elex" from the game installation folder still starts the game now.

This means the C:\GOG Games\Elex\ELEX.exe that Galaxy installed, does not work without Galaxy.
But the original C:\GOG Games\Elex\system\ELEX.exe works, you just need to update the shortcut on the desktop.
Why did you go to all that trouble to install then uninstall Galaxy?...All you need do is to shut galaxy down after updating, and run the game from its native exe, EoCApp.exe in the game's "bin" folder--just create a shortcut to your desktop, or wherever. The game is exactly the same whether updated quickly through Galaxy or updated slowly through the manual method. You can do the same with any GOG game you own, actually--before you run the game, just fire-up galaxy, check for updates, then shut Galaxy down and run the game from its native executable.