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In nearly all battles that are triggered by a conversation, my companions just run after me and block my line of sight, but do nothing to help in the battle at all.

Its especially ridiculous when the companion was the one who hired you for the battle.

Example [SPOILER]:

I was on the quest from Liam to get some chests from Outlaws that pose as clerics. Caja and Liam where following me, I triggered the conversation, was attacked - and both do not lift a finger to help, but block shots and line of sight.

Having two companions is not the normal case, but the problem often occurs in other conversation triggered battles too, when only one companion is present.
companians running sensless around and blocking the LOF...sound like the normal Elex companianbehavior for me ;)

I really loved the game but Companion-Ki was a nightmare most the Time.
Yes, there is still this bug.