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1-Armor only affects two things: Armor stat and Parry Power stat. In earlier PB games each armor gives a variety of defense against many different damage types.

2-Armor lacks variety, once you join a faction the best armor for the rest of the game is whatever tier of the faction you're in. In PB games there's usually at least 1-2 more armors after you hit top-tier with a faction. They missed a big opportunity by writing off Jax's Alb armor (which also made no sense in context).

3-Pants serve no purpose (you can quote me), there is no variety or requirements. Headgear has a variety of effects and uses, and body armor at least has requirements to use better ones- but pants are just flatly better with every tier, very boring.

4-The majority of the armor types are all weak armor found or bought at the beginning of the game. They serve no purpose once you've joined a faction.

5-They actually SHOULD have included armor set bonuses! There are plenty of full sets of gear and little variety past that.
I would remove the skill points in each faction tree that increase SPELL/PSI/CHEM potency and add them as a incremental bonus to the faction tier armor: top tier berserk armor would be ~80% and thus nerf the power of magic late game wich makes weapons of any type,redundant.
Beginner tiers of armor could provide small bonuses such as: worker armor=chance of gettin' 2x flowers on pick-up or the thief armor could give +1 pickpocket.
I tryed cleric and berserker spells maxed out everything on my lvl 40 character and DMG sucks really bag on them ( I play on ULTRA ONLY) for me the only weapons that does decent ammount of dps are the plasma rifles and bows multi shot.. you play on normal or what cos spells have really low dmg for me on ultra they take like 20% of enemy HP....
gabsuviu: spells have really low dmg for me on ultra they take like 20% of enemy HP....
Is that with 5 Magic/PSI?
yes, all skills maxed out including faction I was in. PSI/MAGIC 5/5 to
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