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So I finished the game (I will try not to spoil anything and keep it at minimum).

Well, from the start I was thinking about joining clerics, cuz they seemed cool, then I decided to join this 2nd faction, berzekers, and even tho I was close I finally decided to go with outlaws cuz it took me forever really with last two and so yeah... kept playing the game till end, completing all side quests adn everything, whole main story... got in love, one wants me dead and most importantly whoel faction hates me, MY OWN FACTION... I still don't have this latest 20k armor so I tried collecting this money for that and got trough wihtout it.

Now that game is kidna ended, I don't knwo what to really expect or say because how can I buy my 20k armor now when I got this money when faction hates me and I forcfully have to kill all of "mine" buddies (they weren't ven mad) xD

Idk, this part as a whole is just... I am fien wiht game and all but this ending and such. I hope if there will be next game... ELEX 2 or smth liek that, I hope I can get start over with new faction or you know, this is ridicilous that I can't buy my armor anymore. did something wrong:)

During the "final" phase you're confronted with the consequences of your playsteyle&decisions and a number of unpleasant events might be forced upon you.

I played with the Oulaws too, my cold rating forced me to choose the"dark side" and killing "Zardom& the Pilgrim but the outlaws just didn't care, they helped me as a personal favor because i was respected&(feared by some) and i had convinced/corrupted my partymembers...only the berserks where enemys.
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