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The Greybeards power to kill by uttering a single word is a metaphor for how atheists believe that religion has great power to cause problems in society. The fact there are not really 7000 steps to High Hrothgar is a metaphor for the numerology of 7 in the Bible which atheists consider to be a ridiculous superstitious thing.

The ice wolf he encounters that is more powerful than regular wolves is a metaphor for how there are some really dangerous religious fundies such as cult leaders and terrorists.

The snow and wind on the mountain is a metaphor for the hard struggles atheists deal with when facing harassment from religious fundies. Another example is the LGBTQ community dealing with the hardships of being discriminated against.

Men overthrowing their dragon oppressors is a metaphor for how atheists consider religion to be oppressive and how the decline of religion caused society to overthrow religious oppression and become more free.

High Hrothgar being the throat of the world is a metaphor for heaven and how religious people main goal in life is striving to get into heaven instead of living their life on Earth to the fullest.

The Dragonborn’s mastery of each word causing his shouts to become more powerful is a metaphor for how atheists believe that achievements are done by practice rather than relying on God for success.

The defeat of Jurgen Windcoller’s Nord army causing him to realize it was punishment for misuse of the voice since the shouts are supposed to be used for the glory of the gods not the glory of men, is a metaphor for how atheists believe in the glory of mankind rather than glorifying a deity that they don’t believe to exist.

People spreading rumors about Fallion is a metaphor for how religious fundies have negative stereotypes on how atheists are immoral.

There being conjurers around is a metaphor for the Satanic Panic by religious fundies about Satanic ritual murders.

Skyrim doing good at showing the story is another metaphor for how archeology, not the Bible should be relied on for showing the story of what happened in ancient Israel.

Him shooting a spider in the butthole is a metaphor for anal sex which religions consider to be sinful showing how religion restricts freedom.

The Cultists that attack the Dragonborn because they don’t consider him to be the true Dragonborn is a metaphor for the No True Scotsman fallacy where religious fundies accuse fundies of different sects of not being true followers of their religion.

Delphine being the mastermind behind the scenes and arranging for Farangar to help him get the dragonstone is a metaphor for how God is a powerful mastermind which atheists use as arguments against him being benevolent because he is omnipotent but allows evil and suffering.

The Dragonstone being a map of dragon burial sites which causes Delphine to see a pattern for where the next dragon will be resurrected shows that she has good analytical skills which atheist believe that religious fundies do not have because in history their faith has contradicted scientific evidence such as the Galileo controversy.

Delphine knowing that he is the dragon born after he defeats the dragon and absorbs the dragon’s soul is a metaphor for how atheists don’t believe in God because they haven’t seen evidence of him.

Her revealing that she is one of the last of the Blades, a group that served the Dragonborn and protectors of the Septim Emperors who helped fight against the Thalmor in the Great War which is why the Thalmor are after her is a metaphor for how those who go against the religion cause them to be targeted, such as the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and Galileo who went against the Church’s established belief in Geocentrism.

Delphine’s plan to break into the Thalmor Embassy by giving the Dragonborn an invitation to one of the Thalmor Ambassador’s parties and causing a distraction to sneak away and access the Ambassador’s secret files is a metaphor for the sneaky debate tactics that atheists can use to catch their opponents off guard.

Malborn, the guy serving drinks at the party being in on their plan because of him hating the Thalmor for killing his family in Valenwood during one of their purges is a metaphor for how atrocities committed by religious fundies such as crusades, inquisitions, jihads, and terrorist attacks.

And now I finished interpreting all my notes.
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Now you just need to use that information along with the rest of the supplemental videos to figure out the True Meaning of Peppermint.
I think I found out the true meaning of peppermint. Art promised that I would understand the true meaning after careful analysis so this better be right, or else it will prove that he was messing with me this whole time.

The idea of the superiority of atheism over religion is prevalent in the other videos. Eric Cartmen is a Rebel who wants to get detention so he craps on the desk angering the teacher. He represents the atheist rebellion against God. It shows that Christians preaching about God’s wrath inspires atheists to be more defiant towards God.

Jesus Christ goes up an escalator and his cross gets stuck in the roof. It shows that atheists see God as fallible so they don’t fear him.

Lucas the Spider is captured in a container and says how the person who captured him is watching him. It is a metaphor on how it is thought that you can’t escape God, but atheists seem to have escaped God because he is not intervening to punish them.

The intro to the Kenny and Spenny video says that mankind has always been forced to compete for survival. It reached a pinnacle in the relationship between two best friends Kenny and Spenny who compete for glory for the winner and humiliation for the loser.

It is the most important competition done in the history of Kenny vs Spenny. Similarly, mankind is reaching the most important competition in history. The competition of religion vs atheism.

Spenny symbolizes the Christian who follows the rules, while Kenny symbolizes the immoral atheist who is more devious in his approach. In this competition Kenny writes the rules down so that Spenny can’t accuse him of cheating which is a metaphor for the rules in Christian vs atheist debates. Spenny is confident that Kenny can’t beat him with his cock because it is not huge similar how Christians don’t think atheists can’t make good arguments against God.

Kenny admits that he smoked pot in school which is what many atheists do.

Spenny goes to see a martial arts master, similar to how Christians consult expert theologians on matters of faith and winning debates with atheists.

Kenny making his penis into an ultimate weapon is an example of an underhanded tactic.

Spenny decides to make a weapon. He gets a shield for defense.

Spenny’s cock has 4 steak knives. Kenny’s cock has a laser beam, aerosol, and a torch. Kenny won the fight with the superior weapons, showing that atheists can use superior tactics at winning debates.

Mr. Rimmer claims he saw a donkey fall into a bowl of sugar while the boys missed it. He is a metaphor for a priest preaching about God even though most layman never seen God to validate his existence. Mr. Rimmer saying “Now that’s a sweet ass,” is a metaphor for the pedophile priests who preach about morality yet commit an extremely immoral deed.

Grandma getting tricked into eating a rubber chicken is a metaphor for religions tricking people of God’s existence.

The depressed doorbell committing suicide is a metaphor for religion committing suicide and causing more to leave it, because of their bad arguments, and because of their restrictions on freedom.

The peppermint video is the main example of that theme. The woman asks for a peppermint and then doesn’t like it because it’s too spicy, showing that religious fundies attempt to challenge atheists to debates but any information that destroys their faith is too spicy for them so they ignore evidence against their faith. The man being forced to sleep on the couch is an example of religious fundies treating atheists badly because of their negative views of those outside their religion.

So Art’s argument is that atheism is superior to religion and does not destroy the moral framework of society because

1. It has a moral system based on what is best for society rather than being solely determined by an all powerful deity who cannot be questioned.
2. Since there isn’t good evidence of God’s existence, atheism is winning so morality should not be determined by him.
3. Religious leaders often violate the morals of their own religion such as the pedophile priests in the Catholic Church because they think that they can just confess their sins instead of being held accountable to legal authorities.
4. Religious often use religion to scam their followers and get rich.
5. Religious rules often oppress freedom.

My counter arguments are

1. While atheists have moral codes independent of God, without God, there is no objective morality because people have different views on what is right and wrong.
2. There is good evidence of God and there is only a decline of religion because the education system has an anti religion agenda and don’t teach religious values and prayer is forbidden in schools. With more evidence of God shown, it will cause a religious revival.
3. The decline of religion causes many religious leaders to only pretend to believe in their religion but since they don’t actually believe in it, they don’t fear God’s punishment
4. Same argument here.
5. There is such a thing as too much freedom. there is such a thing as too much freedom. Society has laws that limit what people are allowed to do in order to prevent anarchy. Similarly God has rules to make there be a stable society because he wants what’s best for his creation. It is also good if things are used for their natural purpose and since the purpose of sex is procreation, the goal of sex should be for procreation and it is best if it is done in marriage because a union of two parents are what’s best for the child’s well being.
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I must inform you that last night, Art stated that my driveway is sparsely gravelled and my uncle is a mediocre at best lover, As you no doubt can guess, I have ended my friendship with Art and, though I apologise for the inconvenience to you, I will no longer be acting as his messenger. I wish you all the best in your quest for answers, and hope that you find what you seek.
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AnassRhammar: I must inform you that last night, Art stated that my driveway is sparsely gravelled and my uncle is a mediocre at best lover, As you no doubt can guess, I have ended my friendship with Art and, though I apologise for the inconvenience to you, I will no longer be acting as his messenger. I wish you all the best in your quest for answers, and hope that you find what you seek.
I’m sorry that this happened. That was very mean of Art. However can you tell me where I can contact him directly so that I can continue discussing about the meaning of those videos with him? My fiancé’s account is banned from Fstdt Forums so she cannot contact him there.
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