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I am stuck in Harveys New Eyes where I am supposed to give the poisened tea to the mother superior and Dr Marcel.
I have boiled the tea with the berries, but I cannot give my cup to the mother because Gerrett would remind me of adding the truth serum. I also cant take another cup or utilize the tea pot with my cup.
I am worried this might be a bug and I need to restart :(
Can anyone help out?
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Okay, so I can finally confirm that is is a bug.
I had to start over and once Lilly breaks the first cup it is possible to take another one and refill it.
Don't do it! After you have done that you cant get rid of it any more, you won't be able to take another one, or to refill it with the poisoned tea. So, leave the cup empty until you boiled the tea with the berries, then you can pass her the tea.