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I was wondering about the song What the Heck? from the Earthworm jim 1 soundtrack. It 's also the track that plays on the fiery level 2.
Is that song composed by the games composer or is it from a classical song? The people in this room whom I'm debating this very thing with claims that it's from "Flight of the bumblebee". I don't think it's the same song (they don't even sound alike <.<)
Does anyone know for sure?
I agree with you, they are not the same song at all (to my ears at least).
Yea I found it,
It's called Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky;feature=related <- There it is in Disney's Fantasia : )
Quite a good song. I was just playing this level and was surprised to hear this classical piece.
I featured this song in an article on my site: [url=][/url]