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Hi there. I'm currently playing Earthworm Jim 3D as it was just $3.00, and I remember how awesome it was on N64 back in the days..

Anyway, recently the game seems to 'crash' on me at random times, especially when entering or leaving an area. It only happened since I started playing the level 'Death Wormed Up' and now appears to happen more often, even at the beginning at The Brain, as seen in the screenshot.

What does this message mean? Why does it even appear? The music keeps playing softly as if you paused the game, but the only way to start playing is by force closing the game. And no, no keyboard key or mouse button makes it go away..

And no, jumping in real life didn't work either. :P
But I do really want to play...

Anyone able to help? My OS is Windows 8 Pro, CPU is Intel i5 at 3.60 GHz, and GPU is Nvidia GTX 260.
ewj3djump.jpg (129 Kb)
Same here, occurred during "Coop d'Etat" on Windows 7 x64 SP1, Intel Core i7 and integrated Intel HD4000 GPU
I cleared the game 100% several days after I posted this thread months ago.

The error happened one time again thereafter. It was a tad annoying since you have to play quite some time to 100% a level.

Still a great game nevertheless.

Just because Tennapel wasn't involved with this one doesn't mean it's bad as a videogame. It's just not the work of art that's EWJ1 & 2, just a good videogame that makes good use of the EWJ universe.
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I disliked it a lot. Not only did that freaking message appear on my screen every 40 minutes, the game also forgot to save itself at some parts. The good parts was the shocking "meat knife on cows" weapon and Dan himself returning from the TV-series to play a part in this. I will try to complete the game on my new PC, though.
Yep, I eventually managed to complete the game with that message never appearing again. Still I wonder what I did to trigger it.
I just got this message... so... It froze?

Hi there! Jump if you really want to play.
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arrexius: Same here, occurred during "Coop d'Etat" on Windows 7 x64 SP1, Intel Core i7 and integrated Intel HD4000 GPU
Me too in Barn to be wild as I entered I door I thought let to the rope course. I hate this bug.