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Don't know if that's possible :\. The game is quite old and many aspects of it can be clunky by modern standards.
Don't know if it can be changed in EFTBP, but keyboard scrolling is smooth in the expansion (The Moon Project/Lost Souls). There is also a mod that lets you play the original campaigns within TMP, but I can't recommend it at least for first play, since the new researches are not taken into account and mess things up. Fat Girls with 4 Plasma Projectors in Leviathan and ED has lasers in the first LC mission... This mod is earlier in the thread if you want to try it.

Edit: An interesting piece of info dug up from a Russian forum... you can save console settings by placing them in a file called "autoexec.con" in the game directory. For example, just create an empty text file and paste the following:

graphrate 60
graph.zoom.max = 1000
graph.zoom.min = 4 = 0
graph.viewangle.min = 0
graph.viewangle.max = 5
graph.cursor.size = 40

Then save it as "autoexec.con". The settings will be Automatically Executed when the game launches. Tested in TMP but should work in all 3 games.
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