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SCG IV The Black Moon Tribe

We are the last homeless members of the Dark Moon Tribe...we where expulsed from our Homeland because we refuses to bow before their "God of light" gave up our proud Worship of the God of War&Death...we spitted at the feet of his dammed messenger...but...then he sends some Flamming Bird to punish us...our Weapons...our armor..melting away within secounds...and then came their Avatars...a eagleyed archer and a mercyless Warrior swinging a great twohanded Hammer...

After a long odyssey a few clans gathered here...we will rest,gather strenght and convoke the Tribe...gather a new Horde...and prepare our revenge

Basic Rules as Always

"Special Rules"
1.Again up to 15 Turn per "Rule"

2.Only Tribal,Dark Magic&Monster Units

3. Events: you can leave events, which insignificantly change situation. Example: pilgrims gave useless artifact, bless them, sell. You can skip changes in gold/crystals amount if it less than 10% of total amount. (example - you have more than 250 crystals, you can skip all "hire healers" events)

Roleplay is welcomed.


Turn 1
-Deanethar elected to become our new Warchief(hired Commander)
-Inn build at Demese
-Until our Warriors gathered we take a look at the Land(explored)...we found a Ruins full of Orks/Goblins(5) much for now..we're only scouting ;)

Turn 2
-our frist Warrior arrived/Barbarian Camp build)
-We subdued some villages to pay us tribute(Goat Medow conquered), most where wounded but we loosed no one
-The people of Goat MEdow learned fast and burned a lightcrawler coming along(burned an Elf)

Turn 3
-Libary build
-Our Warband returned home
-the wounded taked a rest and are replaced by fresh warriors
-subdued Mantis Meadows, our Warchief learned more about offensive tactics, again..some where wounded but we lost no one

Turn 4
-Our Warband returned home

Turn 5
-Altar build
-Our Warband returned home

Turn 6
-The newly wounded are replaced by the freshly cured ;)
-subdued Potane, no looses

Turn 7
Our Warparty returned home to replace the wounded

Turn 8
-Meet others Clans, they had elected a Warchief too...we proved to have the stronger one
they accepted him as Ard Ri(Highchief) and their Warchief parted their widsom with him (Lev. 2 Offensiv III)
(Honeybee Meadow Conquered)

Turn 9
Our Warparty returned home to replace the wounded

Turn 10
-We build a mighty Crystal Pillar to honour our Ancestors and get Quests from them
-subdued Rainbow Valley

Turn 11
Our Warparty returned home to replace the wounded

Turn 12
-Asked our Ancestor for their advice and needs, they orderd us to kill 10 Skelis
-Leaded some Undead to their final Rest, +140 Gold&Cuirass

Turn 13
-We build a forge and crafted some Items for our Warchief
-Killed a band of Orks/Goblins +63 Gold +Scroll Walking Dead

Turn 14
-Granary build
-killed a band of Orks/Goblins +60 Gold
-Warchief learned some of the defensie tactics the sturdy Orks used (Lev. 3 Defensive I)
15. School of sorcery, attack gargoyles.
16. paladin's boots. attack clerics.
17. lost 2 barbs, fair wind, dispel(sell). Chaos school, ->Goat meadow.
18. Brigands.
19. Short sword, defensive tactic 2. Attack undead.
20. Leather overshoes. Demons. Hire scout, barbs, explore.
21. scout - undead 6, skip. Commander - lost all barbs, chalice of life, short staff.
22. Scout - nothing, comm takes barbs, attacks undead.
23. scout - farm, orcs 4, level(marksmanship2). Commander - leather belt. Workshop, bow and arrows for scout. Scout - rainbow walley, commander -potane.
24. scout - battle mages, commander - clerics.
25. scout - Restoration, round shield. commander - level (discipline), magic weapon, hand crossbow.

You did counterproductive job by conquering all first ring without clearing sites.
Basically, start should be: clear sites, can't clear - conquer province with sites, and clear them.
Optimal way on this map should have been like - gargoyles&clerics in demesne, then Goat meadow with its 6 sites, where commander could clear all but knowledge store, maybe with 1-2 retreats to demesne for fresh barbs.
This way we could have second hero by turn 5, and second ring by turn 15-20. (conquer->move away->return->clear site->move away instead of conquer->site->move away) - wasting 2 turns per province.
Post edited September 07, 2013 by Gremlion
Yes..i can see the point.
I fear i am not very familiar with the commander, until now i used him as a 3.Hero most the time if i have at least T2 Units.
I was slightly upset when I posted this - lost shard in 3 turns after taking reign.
It was
1. school of sorcery - attack holy lands.
2. I won.
Stenria's scout attacked me. killed commander, freely reached castle and besieged demesne. Couldn't even bury com and hire another hero, because had like 5 crystals.
4 nearly dead barbs in the swamp is no match for scout with 3 fresh swordsmen and 2 pikemen.
Post edited September 12, 2013 by Gremlion