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Acronym for "Society common game".
Also, sausage. Why? Because it plays like one:

Basic rules:
1. No cheating.
2. Player "eats sausage" for 10 turns (max, if you don't know what to do after 5 turns, post 5 turn save), writes down everything that happened in the game and leaves save for next.
3. Player can't take same game in a row. Doesn't implement to solidified sausages.
4. Save goes to first asked for. First come, first served.
5. Player must post save in 2 days after taking. If player haven't posted save in 2 days, next player can take it.

Roleplay is welcomed.
Usually these games thematically based, like "evil units only" or "good units only". For first game I will leave this aside.

Technical information.
1. You need to extract mapX.sav and gameX. sav in your save folder.
2. You need to play from profile with number=X+1. IE First profile uses Second profile uses I recommend to start new sausages at least on second profile.
3. After 10 turns upload gameX.sav on fileshare service. I recommend to use, it will store files until you decide to delete them. Shameless referral link(+500mb for me and you):
4. You don't need to reupload mapX.sav, it doesn't changes through the game.

Why to play these
1. Nice examples of different strategies for new players.
2. You can try working strategies, which you never seen or tried.
3. You can try another difficulty setting.
4. You can pick earlier save and try to repeat these same battles by the book.

First SCG
Expert, 2 random expert opponents, small map, disabled diplomacy, default generation settings.
0 turn save:

0. Warrior + tavern. Delete slinger, militia->fort. Check shop.
1. Shop have Partisan(378) and Halberd(648). Leave. Build Barbarians. Warrior - Hire 3, attack brigands.
2. Warrior - 5 brigands, victory(-3 barbs), level (armor mastery). Forge, bought chainmail. Warrior - Hire 3 barbarians, attack brigands.
3. Warrior - 5 brigands, victory(-1 barb). Warrior - Hire 3 barbarians(2 wounded->fort), attack undead. Build library, take 3 sparks.
4. Warrior - 5 undead, victory(-2 barbs).Loot - scimitar. Warrior - take 1 barbarian from fort, hire 2, attack winged creatures. Change sparks to fatigue.
5. Warrior - 4 harpies, victory (-4 barbs) .Loot - boots. Warrior almost have third level, need some healing. Hire barb, take one from fort. Altar. Explore.
6. Warrior - ambush, (-1 barb). Loot - raise vampire(O.o). Level (athletic). Hire barb. Explore.
7. nothing. Explore.
8. Ruined tower, 4 goblins. leave them to new hero. Attack free settlement.
9. Warrior killed 4 poor militiamen. Attack clerics.
10. 5 clerics, -1 barb. Level (armor mastery). Loot - hand crossbow, hat.

10 turn save:
Suggestions for next player:
a) Warrior attacks undead, crystal, hire new hero which must pick quest from crystal (probably will be goblins - we have 2 orc provinces, goblin province and goblin site). I suggest to hire Mage, we already have amazing spell (and lucky mage can use T4 on 5th level)
b) Warrior attacks undead, crystal, then warrior must return to demesne, purchase Halberd and pick quest.
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Oooh! Oooh! Me next! I'll do it!

Honestly I'm probably terrible at this game, but I'll write a fun little story to make y'all feel better about picking up the pieces after I'm done.
Yeah, I'm think I'll probably stop short of 10 turns so as not to leave you folks too far in the hole. I'm going to sleep before continuing on through turn 3, but here's what's up so far:


Dear Diary,

I hate humans. I know I've said that before, but I have recently found new depths for my hatred. I knew they were ponderous, foul-smelling oafs, but I never truly comprehended the extent of their stupidity. It is appalling.

So you know how the plan was to lay low in the human lands until the statute of limitations expired? That turned out to be a bad idea. I might even say the worst idea.

So there I am trying to sneak through the gates to one of their towns when the "guard" (and here you should be picturing a man wearing a burlap sack for a shirt and wielding a rusty pitchfork) stops me. At first I thought he must have seen through my disguise, that I was a fool to think an albino goblin on stilts could ever pass for human. But no.

It was so much worse.

"Hey there!" he shouted. "You're just in time."

"Oh," I said. I made ready to hop off the stilts and make a break for it.

"Yeah! Welcome to Mordor!"

I took a second glance at the pathetically flimsy palisade wall. It seemed to be defending a little cluster of thatched huts and a single altar to the humans' Eagle god. Mordor indeed.

"Did you really call it that?" I asked.

"Yeah, we wanted to pick a dark and spooky name to scare away invaders. Grrr!"

He actually held up his hands in imitation of a wild animal as he said "grrr". Then he had to fumble to pick up the pitchfork he'd dropped.

"I see," I said. "Well I think I'll be leaving now."

"No no no, you have to stay!" He dropped the pitchfork a second time. "We need a new King!"

I immediately forgot all thought of escape.


"The old King's term ended so we need a new one. You're it!"

"As I understood Kingship, it is a lifetime position." I could not think what else to say.

"Not here!" The human puffed out his chest with apparent pride. "We're an anar-- anarko-- anarkosind-- well, I can't remember what it's called. Anyway, we take it in turns. So you're up!"

"Are you really asking me, a complete stranger walking into your village, to become your ruler?"

"Well," he looked around a little shiftily. "Our army kinda just invaded the Iron Hills, see. And everybody else in town is afraid to take responsibility for all that fighty stuff. So we all thought we'd best take someone new for the next turn as King."

I think my jaw must have been hanging open.

"My, what an... unconventional solution."

"So what do you say?" he asked, grinning. "Will you do it?"

The best way that I can explain my thoughts at that moment is that it felt like watching a lumberjack standing downhill from an oak that he is cutting. You know that the tree is going to fall and crush him. But it's so blindingly apparent that you can't actually do anything but simply watch it happen.

The right thing to do was quite obviously to decline, and probably get as far away from this village as my legs could carry me.

But I had just been told that a village of idiots wanted to make me King for no other reason than because I was the first one to walk up to their gate that morning. And this village apparently had an army.

"I do not see how I could possibly refuse," I said.

And so, Diary, I am now addressing you as King Gobnut Crookedhand the First of Mordor. Yes, I told them my real name. I think I was having a hysteric fit and wanted to see if they would catch on to the fact that I'm not one of them. They did not bat an eye before inscribing it into their records.

Hereafter follows the personal chronicle of the reign of King Gobnut Crookedhand the First of Mordor

Day 1:

I glanced through the records of the last King. He seems to have been a competent fellow, which is more than I can say for most of his subjects. He even left some advice for his successor regarding the future of this upstart Kingdom of Mordor. One of his suggestions involves hiring a local conjurer to serve as a battlemage.

Apparently the denizens here dug up a scroll containing an ancient and terrible necromantic ritual. I think the old King just thought such a weapon would make a useful deterrent against invaders. But I have the perfect target in mind.

By which I mean the good goblins of Vine Thicket, of course. We'll see who's punishing who for petty theft when their corpses are being raised as vampires to feast on the flesh of the living.

The details of my homecoming will take a few days to work out, however. Before then, I needed to talk to the leader of my army in the field, currently occupying the recently-conquered province of Iron Hills.

Well it turns out my fearsome general's name is Ulvar. Just Ulvar. And he was less of a general than he was a big guy with a scimitar, a plank of wood for a shield, and some rusty chainmail.

Ulvar doesn't talk much. When he does, it's to say things like "Ulvar fast." Because he's fast, I guess. Really, I didn't ask him to explain.

He was followed by some other almost-as-big guys with axes. They talked even less than Ulvar. Mostly I heard just a lot of menacing grunts, and I think maybe they drooled on their axes a bit.

I decided that the best way for Ulvar and his "army" to serve Mordor was to keep them pointed at things other than myself. The last King suggested that they could chop up some of the walking dead plaguing the people of the Iron Hills. This seemed like a good enough plan to me, at least for starters.

With Ulvar's mission explained in appropriately small sentences, I returned to Mordor to instruct my subjects in the proper raising of a mystic crystal to channel energy from the Astral plane. I had decided that I would be hiring the conjurer, and such a crystal would considerably hasten his mastery of the dark forces I wished for him to unleash upon my brothers.

His name turned out to be Garzod. It almost sounded Goblin, so I was liking Garzod already.

Unfortunately, Garzod did not have much experiencing at harnessing dark energies to twist flesh and instill terror. He did have a wand, which he assured me could shoot fireballs. And he also knew some other basic sorceries that allowed him to zap people with his mind alone, or else bolster the abilities of his friends. The friends in question were another wannabe-thug with a pitchfork and a human with a laughably pathetic strip of cloth that he said was for throwing rocks.

I quietly lured Garzod's friends into a field and strangled them. Then I told Garzod to spend the rest of the day communing with Mordor's new crystal. Hopefully he'll get some divine guidance along the path towards terrifying necromancer. Bright kid, I have high hopes.

Anyway, with all that done I returned to my "palace" to eat, sleep, and await news of the glorious fulfillment of my first royal orders.

Day 2:

Well, Ulvar's dead. And the walking dead are still shuffling about. I'm having his body returned to the town (apparently it'll take 2 days to ship a corpse???) to be resurrected upon the altar. But I must say I'm not feeling very confident about my military prowess after that.

Good thing these losers hired me to handle the "fighty stuff", isn't it?

Garzod, for his part, managed not to trip over the crystal and break his head open. But it did tell him to kill some skeletons in order to begin developing his powers. I'd been hoping for an order to murder goblins, seeing as how that would have been the perfect excuse to burn the old homestead. But you take what the Astral masters will give you. And Ulvar's mess could use some mopping up.

First, though, I decided that, regardless of what the crystal wanted, Garzod could prove his mettle to me by exterminating some goblins the villagers spotted hanging around the town outskirts. I think they may have been looking for me, so I wanted to be clear of them soonest.

I told Garzod to never mind his 'missing' friends, and rounded up some more slobbering savages to help him out with the slaughter. He seemed a little worried, but didn't question the order. He'll probably do fine.

I thought about building some more improvements for this pathetic town, maybe making it just a little bit more worthy of its namesake. But after bribing axe-chuckers the treasury was pretty well tapped. The townsfolk asked me to fund construction of a granary, but it seemed like a stupid boondoggle to me. Just grow more food if you think you might run out. Anyway, we were going to need plenty of gold in a few days to resurrect Ulvar's worthless hide.

So day 2 of my glorious reign ended on something of a down note. But I'm sure Garzod won't let me down.

Day 3:

I knew you'd come through for me, Garzod! I was so happy that I went along with his suggestion to pin a medal to the chest of one of the wild men for surviving quite a few blows to the head. He drooled on my hand as I did it. It was awful. But at least those goblins won't be reporting me back to the village chiefs anytime soon.
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Ha-ha, can't stop laughing. Amazing.
As for battle with undeads - 6 were too much, I expected 4-5.
Day 3 (continued...):

I spent most of the rest of the day fretting about my next instructions. My goblin instincts urged caution, naturally. Garzod was weak, vulnerable. I wanted to leave him in place, perhaps allow him to scout some of the wilderness near the village where I could keep a close eye upon him.

On the other hand, I’ve never been a very good goblin.

In the end, I decided that caution was a mistake. I was sure the people of Mordor would demand that Ulvar be resurrected once his corpse arrived. He seemed quite braindead even when he was walking under his own power to me, but to the villagers he was a hero. Unfortunately, the treasury was in a bind. Paying off Garzod’s retinue cost more than the entire town’s meager revenues. Plunder was the only solution to Mordor’s fiscal woes.

Ill-prepared or not, I decided that the time had come for Garzod to call upon the goblin settlement in Vine Thicket forest. He did not seem happy to receive the task, but he could scarcely have been more nervous than I was giving it to him. But I had no other choice. Mordor needed gold, and that could only be won with blood.

I slept poorly that night. My only comfort was the hope that my old “friends” in Vine Thicket did not sleep at all.

Day 4:


Clearly, my old brothers had not been expecting an attack from their human neighbors. Their guards were not out in strength. Perhaps their basilisks had all been tasked with finding my trail. If so, it was the last mistake the village chiefs made now that my human subjects have parted their heads from their necks. These humans may be unpleasant, but I am beginning to appreciate their uses.

Garzod reported that he believed the battle had taught him a way to improve the power of his spells, so they shall be even more potent upon their next application. He further claimed that his savage cadre had likewise become more resilient, though I cared little either way.

Unfortunately, though I was greatly pleased to have my old home firmly under the thumb of my armies, Mordor’s prospects had not greatly improved. Garzod acquired little plunder from the pockets and bunks of Vine Thickets guards. And now Ulvar’s corpse lay upon Mordor’s altar, awaiting revival. But we had neither the coin nor the gems to pay for it.

Beyond Vine Thicket lay Archer’s Thicket, a stretch of forest I knew to be lousy with human bandits. I considered ordering Garzod to march onward to secure more territory for Mordor. Alas, Archer’s Thicket could contribute little of immediate value to the treasury, and I needed funds now. So it was with a grave expression and a heavy heart that I drew up orders for Garzod to loot and burn the homes of Vine Thicket to secure resources for Ulvar’s resurrection.

I’m just kidding, I giggled like a madman as I sent those instructions. I hate my old countrymen almost as much as I hate the humans. And now I could steal from them with impunity.

Day 5

That is... not very much money

Okay, well, satisfying as it was to bleed the homeland for cash, it does not appear to be the fastest route to fabulous riches. Garzod informed me that there is an old ruined tower full of orcs nearby. So for want of a better idea, I tell him to go ahead and kill the orcs and search for ancient treasures in the ruins.

The people of Mordor are starting to complain about the smell of Ulvar’s rotting corpse. My scribes did not look amused when I told them he doesn’t smell any worse than living humans to me. Either way, the villagers would like to raise his corpse and get full use of their altar back already.

Day 6

Garzod proves his mettle once again, and I obligingly award two more “order of the defender” medals to his drooling companions. I guess because he wanted to recognize just how amazing it was that they managed to survive three battles without disemboweling themselves with their own axes. He claimed that the savage who did perish died from an orc mace applied directly to the forehead, but I still suspect it was a self-disemboweling.

Garzod sends back a scroll containing some ancient ritual. But apparently it’s nothing all that special (though you’d think something called the “Chalice of Life” would be pretty badass, wouldn’t you?). He also sends back some gold that he dug up in a chest in the tower ruins. It brings Mordor’s treasury up to a whopping 188 gold coins and 22 gems.

Unfortunately, it’s still not enough to raise Ulvar. And now my scribes are telling me that the revenue outlook has actually worsened.

“It’s all these medals you’re handing out!” the treasurer whined. “We simply can’t afford the maintenance costs!”

“Maintenance costs?” I said. “They’re little pieces of brass plate! Garzod told me he took them off the shoe buckles of a goblin that doesn’t have legs anymore.”

“But we have to give pay raises to decorated soldiers commensurate with the honor of the award! It’s all in compensation chapter of the Modern Mordor Military handbook which was adopted by the third plenary session of--”

“We’re talking about a pair of half-naked marauding hill tribesmen whose entire vocabulary consists of the word ‘rrraaarrrgh!’ We sewed the medals directly into their skin! And you think they’ve read a handbook?!

“Well that doesn’t matter, does it?” he sniffed. “We have a solemn duty to pay our soldiers a fair wage, provide adequate medical care, and keep their pensions funded at a level which--”

This is the point at which I began pulling the hair out of my ears.

Pensions?! You give them-- I don’t even-- That’s just-- You think they’re going to live to retire?

“Even if they don’t, the funds are there to care for any orphans they may leave--”


And I ran screaming from the room. Pensions for the war orphans of the crazed, bloodthirsty savages was simply a step too far for my mind to handle. I still had half of my term as King to live out, but I decided that an early abdication was the only way to preserve my sanity.

As I sprinted past the altar, upsetting the flock of crows picking at the remains there, I remembered my introduction to the hero who lay there. “Ulvar fast,” he had said. Well now I was the fast one. The guard at the gate didn’t even have time to pick up his pitchfork before I’d flown past and was well down the road.

I’m a bit sorry to leave Garzod behind, he may have been the only one not completely out of his mind. I really think he must have had some goblin ancestors somewhere to explain that. But he’ll just have to get along without me. Maybe he’ll kill everyone in Mordor and raise them again as skeletons or something. I can only hope.

I’m not sure where I’ll go next. Perhaps I’ll look for a halfling village. I wouldn’t need the stilts, and surely they can’t be even half as crazy as the humans. Wherever I end up, though, it’s bound to be better than this.

Good riddance, Mordor. I hope your next “King” burns you to the ground.

Thus ends the personal chronicle of the reign of King Gobnut Crookedhand the First of Mordor

Good luck. =)
Alright, this Sausagefest sounds like great fun, I'll continue now from Lorpius Turn 15 save!

Turn 15: Garzod returns to Demesne
Turn 16: Hires 3 Barbarians, moves the 2 wounded ones into the fort, takes 2 fatigue, removes 1 spark then attacks Hyr-X..(hilly orcs province east of the demesne, 3 Goblins,2 Orcs) without losses, levels up Wisdom 1.
Turn 17: Troll fighter here with 5 crammed backpacks, we only thank him due to gems shortage, he grants us 200 gold,woot! Garzod returns home because of the wounded barbarians.
Turn 18: Hires one new barbarian, now 3 are wounded in the fort, fills empty spell slots with sparks and fatigue. Moves to attack the plains orc province (3 Goblins,2 Orcs), wins with nearly no damage taken.
Turn 19: Enters Ruined Tower (5 Goblins), little damage taken, 51 gold spoils.
Turn 20: Moves to hilly orc province
Turn 21: Enter Ruined Tower (2 Brigands,1 Thief, 1 Bowman), wins with little damage, roughly 100 spoils. Levels Wisdom 2.
Turn 22: Resurrected Ulvar the Warrior.He repairs, takes the 3 garrisoned barbarians and moves south to finish off the ancient crypt. Garzod the mage moves south to the discovered halfling province (7 Haflings/Dwarves), gets the alliance quest to kill 15 brigands.
Turn 23: Garzod explores 5%. Ulvar enters the ancient crypt, finds 6 undead and retreats, what a coward! :D
Turn 24: The end of Jamotides reign.

Situation: Ring 1 conquered, serious gold shortage, no easy sites in sight except the ancient crypt.
Ideas: Attack the Ancient crypt with Garzod and the best barbarians (1 has 6 defense!) of both heroes. Explore until it is possible to attack something in ring 2. There are horses and mandrake root.

So yeah, all went pretty well, but everything looks pretty bad, I don't envy the next guy! But have to say, its great fun playing like this, thinking over every move for a long time, you know because the world is watching.
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24. -14 gold, -16 income... Well. Warrior - explore, mage - demesne.
25. Warrior - 6 imps. -3 barbarians, Commander medal. Worth it! Mage takes sparks+1 barbarian. Going to warrior.
26. Warrior - nothing.Explore. Mage - attack undead.
27. -1 barb, Copper ring(gave to warrior). Warrior - going to Hyr-Xuchtubb. Mage - explore. Granary.
28. Mage - Dragon's lair. -3 barbarians, Bow of the wind. Joke, skip. Mage - explore, Warrior - hire harpy.
29. Mage - Dark cave, 2 ogres, skip. Warrior explore, mage - to warrior.
30. Warrior - nothing, trade, warrior takes all barbs, attack free settlement. Mage - demesne.
31. 13 units... Too much. Both explore. Mage take 3 fatigues, hire 3 barbs.
32. Mage found 3 imps+2 shamen, -1 barb, level (wisdom). Magic weapon and Curse(sell all). Warrior - nothing. Sphere of wind, Fair wind on warrior, attack halflings.Mage - explore, hire barb.
33. Warrior - level(weapon mastery), - all barbs. Can see prince's land with 8! sites. School of sorcery, Mage takes 2 webs, 2 astral energies,+1 barb. Warrior checks prince's land. Mage going to warrior.
34. 12 units.

Mage can attack deadly swamps(with webs should be easy). Warrior must explore halflings. there are 2 crypts with undead, enough for crystal quest.

don't attack centaurs, I will show how mage can ally them on site with 2 ogres.
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Good, so you solved the financial crisis I caused. :D

We must get the mage Raise Vampire ready! So should I continue now, or wait for other people?
Alright, I continued:

Turn 34: Warrior explores, Mage moves to demesne
Turn 35: Warrior explores finds Crypt with Zombie,Skeleton,Ghoul. Mage gets more webs, moves to Deadly Swamps, defeats 2 Basilisk and 1 Slug with some damage taken.
Turn 36: Warrior explores and finds Ruined Tower with Goblin, Orc, Ogre. Mage moves to Warrior.
Turn 37: Warrior explores and finds Ruined Tower with 6 enemies, Skeleton,Zombie,Ghoul. Mages attacks Crypt with Ghoul, -4 Barbarians, 170 Gold + Dwarven Shield.
Turn 38: Warrior explores and finds hidden coffer with 40 gems. Mage returns to demsne. Built Brotherhood of Light.
Turn 39: Warrior moves to hills. Mage still on the way back home. Epidemic in the hafling province, 20 gems to hire healers, mood imporoves to "quiet".
Turn 40: Warrior explores hills and finds Tower with 3 Trolls. Mage hires healer and barbs, moves back to halfling province (2 turns).
Turn 41: Warrior explores 5%. Mage moves.
Turn 42: Warrior explores and finds hidden coffer with 20 gems. Mage attacks undead,-1 barb. 300 gold + Sandals of Illusion. Level: Thaumaturgy. Crystal quest complete.
Turn 43: return home?

Now we have 500 gold and I recommend getting another 400 gold from the crystal! Then do stuff. ^^

Edit: Forgot the game save, added a 43 in front of the name:
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I will take, will finish soon.
43. Mage - take centaur quest. Warrior - explore.
44. Warrior nothing. Both into demesne. Mage - cast fair wind.
45. Mage - crystal, warrior - shop. build school of necromancy
46. Mage took gold, Warrior bought halberd. Mage hired barbs,changed spells, going to province with ogres. Warror - take quest.
47. Again skeletons. Mage - attack ogres. warrior - explore demesne.
48. Draw, 1 killed. Warrior found labyrinth. Explore. Mage - attack ogres.
49. Draw, 1 killed. Warrior nothing. Explore. Mage - attack ogres.
50. Draw, 1 killed. Warrior 20 gems. Explore. Mage - attack ogres.
51. Both killed.Level, necromancy(I want to subdue vampire). Leather jacket, Warrior's shield. Warrior found second labyrinth. Warrior explore, Mage - finish quest.
52. Alliance complete, we can see another centaur province with 6 sites. level (thaumaturgy). Warrior found trolls.


Warrior - take barbs, attack undead in centaur province. Mage - take harpy from warrior, check second centaur province. Then take as many fears as possible and clear all troll sites.
Really sneaky tactics with the ogres! I see now the power of fear, never really used it much.

I hope some more players will join this, or I will take the next one again later today or tomorrow.
Come on people join, its fun! I did another 10:

Turn 52: Warrior moves to undead, mage performs walkind dead which raises a zombie and moves to annex the second centaur province.
Turn 53: Warrior moves, mage enters temple of light, gets quest to destroy 15 skeletons.
Turn 54: Warrior explores 7%. Mage fair wind, returns home.
Turn 55: Warrior explores and cancels crystal quest, mage enters crystal.
Turn 56: Warrior explores 7%, Mage takes fears for trolls and attacks trolls. 324 gold, Ancient Pyramid and Turban.
Turn 57: Warrior explores. Mage moves to hills.
Turn 58: Warrior explores. Mage attacks 3 trolls, 220 gold, Wolfs Fang, Create Gargoyle Scroll. Level: Necromancy 2.
Turn 59: Built Workshop. Warrior explores. Mage attacks 3 trolls, 384 gold, leather bracers,stiletto.
Turn 60. Built Pottery and a granary. Warrior explores and mage moves to warrior.
Turn 61: Built Farmers market and a mill. Mage attacks undead, -1Barb,184 gold,golves of illusion. Warrior attacks Old Mill with Halflings and Dwarves, close but ....lost, oops!
Turn 62: Built Inn and Mill. Mage finishes off old mill,-1 Zombie, +1 skeleton,300 gold,dwarven axe,Tunic.
Turn 63: Attack sluggers?

Sorry, I am really bad with warriors. The mage could cast Raise Vampire , but we dont have many crystals. Tons of gold, though. Maybe the mage can attack the 3 slug sites with fear? Plus I realised afterwards it would have been better to give both skeleton quests to the warrior. But there are two undead sites in the second centaur province. So overall things are looking great!
But feel free to tell me what I could have done better.

Edit: Forgot the save again:
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I think that whole questing and exploring thing doesn't pay off for us(remember, this is small map).
Warrior should have taken raise zombie and attack free settlement - harpy will clear backrow, barbarians and zombies - front row.

Then brigands. don't know how much T2 untis here, though. 2 thugs+2 assassins could be nasty - maybe Mage with vampire should do this.
Maybe we should build armory with chestpiece.
We need to build slingers and their guard for more information about surrounding.
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True, small map, I should have done stuff with the warrior, agreed. But I'm thinking we take crystals from the crystal quest, which means 3 more raise vampire fights! Also if the mage can kill the 3 slug sites with fear we have even more gold crystals and xp, and soon we should have necromancy 5 so we can subdue the vampire and have pretty much won, who needs the warrior,right?