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Does anybody have sometimes crashes during enemy turn?
Here is a Wiki (Eadoropedia) for the last version of New Horizons (v2.90 aka 18.0601.f01):
wortkarg DOT bitbucket DOT io / eadoropedia / en /
(for some reason i can't post links here, so replace DOT with "." and remove empty spaces (or google for "Eadoropedia " and select the english version))
Most recent Eglish version of New Horizons can be found here:
Thank you very much for the update. Now if I just did not stink so bad at this game.
I noticed that the new release opens in a window where the standard game is full screen. I don't immediately see the option to change it.

After actually starting the campaign when I quit and looked back in the folder I found the .cfg file and changed the windows mode to 0. Now it is full screen.
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Most recent Russian New Horizon version has been translated to English

Download for New Horizons 21.0630:

Patch notes in Russian:

Patch notes in English based on Google translate

1. Troops
Added minor spirits of earth, fire and water.
The T4 slot is now available to the Mage / Archmage, but only for the undead (with the maximum pumping of Necromancy).

2. Magic
Spells of summoning creatures and raising undead can now have a power modifier other than 100. If it is higher, a higher level creature is summoned / raised than the corresponding skill allows, if lower, then a lower one.
Added spells that summon lesser spirits of earth, fire and water.

3. Other
The Commander's starting troops already have some experience. The number and composition of the starting warriors for all classes of heroes can vary.
The Wizard's starting spell pool has been expanded and tied more strongly to the hero's starting skill. Every Wizard comes with an item.
When recruiting a warrior, he can receive warriors or items that are more suitable for his characteristics.
Rebellions of demons in the squad of heroes can now be turned off (option "Daemonic Rebells", set the value to "0").
When attacking an enemy province, if the guards retreat - by choosing the "Let them go" option, the hero's squad will receive a quarter of the experience relying on its destruction.
Every 85 turns, you can build one more building in the province, and hire one more province guard.

*** CHANGES ***

1. Alliances Gnoll
troops received a new ability "Gnoll Power" - when any gnoll with this ability dies, one of the remaining on the battlefield "absorbs" its power, increasing the indicator of its similar ability. Each level of this ability increases the attack of the warrior himself, as well as the level of the demon remaining after his death by 1.

2. Troops
The Stone Golem received Vitality 30. From the tenth level, he can get "Vitality +20".
The captured soul has decreased protection (20-> 14), protection from a shot (40-> 28) and resistance (5-> 4).
The ability to use "Magic Spark" on a random nearby enemy warrior has been added to the Magic Crystal.
For the Incarnation of Water, the following parameters have been adjusted: health (20-> 28), firing power (7-> 9), firing range (4-> 5), ammunition supply (5-> 6) and level improvements ...
Cultists (spawn of Chaos and demonologists) no longer experience a decrease in morale from the presence of demons in the squad.
Ratmen are no longer susceptible to wound decay.
The Shape Changer can now transform into a Hippogryph - a flying beast when choosing the Path of Dexterity. The parameters and leveled upgrades of the Shape Changer, Gruns and Hippogryph have been adjusted.
Bouquet slightly adjusted the parameters.
The trap is now more traumatic (4-> 10) and can inflict up to 19 points of damage (at maximum pumping).
Hornet Swarm now drains more health each turn (2-> 3).
Pikemen increased counterattack (9-> 10).
Pegasus parameters have been adjusted (life 25-> 28, stamina 10-> 11, morale 10-> 11, attack 10-> 12, defense 3-> 2, protection from a shot 0-> 2, resistance 6-> 7 ). Adjusted leveled improvements. Pegasus got the ability "Shield of Magic 1", with a possible improvement by another 1.
Valkyries adjusted parameters (life 34-> 37, attack 12-> 14, ranged attack 10-> 8, defense 6-> 4, protection from a shot 2-> 4, resistance 8-> 9, speed 5-> 4, stock of projectiles 3-> 2). Adjusted leveled improvements. Valkyrie got the abilities "Shield of Magic 2" and Restoration of Strength 3 "," Attack from acceleration 1 "was replaced by" Attack from acceleration 2 ", the ability" Heavy shells "was removed.
Parameters have been adjusted for the riders (life 30-> 32, attack 11-> 12, counterattack 7-> 8). Reduced cost (75/0 -> 60/0) and upkeep (15/0 -> 12/0).
Parameters have been adjusted for cavalrymen (life 38-> 40, attack 15-> 16, counterattack 9-> 11, defense 3-> 4). Reduced cost (150/0 -> 120/0) and upkeep (30/0 -> 24/0). Rebuild 1 has been replaced with Recover 2.
Adjusted leveled improvements for Horse Archers.
Keshikam parameters have been adjusted (life 30-> 34, attack 10-> 11, ranged attack 10-> 11, stamina 12-> 13, morale 11-> 12). Adjusted leveled improvements. Added "Recuperation 1".
Unicorns have adjusted stats (resistance 9-> 7) and leveled improvements. First Aid 3 has been replaced with First Aid 6. The unicorn received the ability "Shield of Magic 2" with a possible improvement by another 2.
Trolls have adjusted parameters (life 63-> 55, counterattack 19-> 18, defense 3- > 2, protection from a shot 3-> 2, stamina 28-> 22). Swamp Knowledge 1 has been replaced with Swamp Knowledge 2, Siege 4 has been replaced with Siege 6. Increased cost (350/0 -> 350/10) and upkeep (70/0 -> 70/2).
Level improvements have been adjusted for Griffins. Reduced cost (350/20 -> 300/15) and upkeep (70/5 -> 60/4).
For Sword Artists, parameters (life 40-> 42, stamina 15-> 14) and leveled improvements have been adjusted. Reduced cost (450/0 -> 400/0) and upkeep (90/0 -> 80/0).
Soul Guardians have adjusted their parameters (stamina 17-> 16, resistance 4-> 3) and level improvements. Removed the ability "March-Throw" (available from level 12). Reduced cost (900/0 -> 800/0) and upkeep (180/0 -> 160/0).
Level improvements have been adjusted for Black Unicorn.
A sorcerer who has chosen the path of necromancy can now receive the "Undead Regeneration" spell (from level 12). Necromancer leveled upgrades have also been adjusted.
Spectrum parameters have been adjusted (protection 9-> 7, protection against a shot 18-> 14, resistance 4-> 3).
Adjusted leveled improvements for Champions.
Elves have adjusted leveled improvements.
Rangers increased resistance (3-> 4), adjusted level improvements.
Druids added the spell "Summon Eagle" (from 5 lvl.).

3. Magic To the
"Shock" spell, the damage modifier has been reduced (50-> 35).
Moved Enchant Spell to M1. Healing effect reduced (12-> 10).
The spell "Feline Reflexes" has been moved to M2. The spell now grants the enchanted creature Vigilance, Dexterity, Parry (2), and Evasion (2).
Moved General Enchantment to M3.
The Shared Sleep spell can now be learned when building a Psi Monolith. The duration of the spell is increased (4-> 5).
The General Disenchantment spell is no longer available when building a Tower of Hypnosis (can only be obtained in scrolls).
The spell "Dark Pact" has been moved to M2. The duration of the spell has been reduced (10-> 5).
Demon Blood has been moved to M3. The spell now affects all demons within a radius of 1 tile. Resistance modifier decreased (100-> 50).
The "Mass Drain" spell has had its resistance modifier reduced (50-> 25).
The Summon Wolf, Summon Rat, Summon Flock of Rats, Summon Eagle, and Summon Abomination spells have increased summoning power modifiers.
The Summon Devil, Summon Phoenix, Summon Destroyer, and Spectrum Raise spells have had their summoning power modifiers reduced.
Spells "Air Shield" and "Heavenly Shield" now increase protection from the shot more strongly (4-> 6).
The Stone Peel spell now increases armor (4-> 5) and healing / health loss per turn (4-> 5) more. The base duration of the spell is increased (4-> 5).
The "Mass Grounding" spell has its base duration increased (2-> 3).
The properties of the "Death of the Wicked" spell have been changed.
The Death Gate spell now summons 7 Skeletons of Gloom.
The spell "Eternal slavery" has been moved to the M2 school of Necromancy (the duration of the spell has been adjusted).
The "Weakening" spell has been moved to the M3 school of Necromancy (now the effect occurs on all enemy soldiers).

Fearless Flag and Victory Banner now give a larger bonus to the unit's morale.
The main parameters of the two-handed swords have been increased.

5. Heroes
Druid / Arch Druid Summon Bonus decreased (5/10 -> 4/8), Forest Knowledge decreased to 1.
Necromancer / Necromancer Master Necromancer Bonus increased (3/6 -> 4/8).

6. Miscellaneous
Thunderstorm of mortals / undead / demons now deals double damage to the corresponding creatures only in melee. When shooting, the damage is increased by only 50%.
Adjusted the prices and properties of some medals.
The composition, properties and description of the "Drillers" guards of the province (now "Plague Bearers") have been corrected.
Holy / Cursed Armor and Heavenly Armor now work while the wearer's

Morale is greater than 10. *** FIXES ***

Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the AI to crash during the turn.

Thank you!
Great news, thank you! :)
New Horizons 22.0630 is available here:

Patch notes in Russian: New Horizons 21.0630 is available here:
Patch notes in English:

Thanks, has it been translated to English yet, though?


After a bit of digging i found it here :
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Anybody know of a secure page to download New Horizons? The http:// makes my security software flip out.
hazenbriggs: Anybody know of a secure page to download New Horizons? The http:// makes my security software flip out.
Here is the latest download. The version is 22.630
Do you know if the July 23rd 2023 update has been translated to english and is there a link?
14Bear88: Do you know if the July 23rd 2023 update has been translated to english and is there a link?
New Horizons v23.0710.a is available here:

Patch notes in Russian: New Horizons v23.0710.a is available here:

Russian patch notes can be translated to English by copy & paste to any online translator of your choice, e.g.
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Eager to see the newest release translated:

Amazing that this mod still gets updates!