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In my first campaign, the psycho-barbarian Master (I keep forgetting his name) attacked me a couple turns after being introduced, and in my second one the same thing happened again - despite us having better "relations" this time around.

So just wondering if the attacks by Masters on the Astral are more or less scripted, or if this is just the case of this guy being too war-happy?

Also, if not scripted, do the Masters ever decide to attack each other? If scripted, I'd rather not know (spoilers & all that.)
This question / problem has been solved by Garranimage
I'm pretty sure that Doh-Gor's attack is a scripted event. There are a few other scripted attacks, although they may not happen if you do (or don't do) certain things.

AFAIK they never directly attack one another, although several of them will ask you to attack another master for one reason or another.
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First attack is scripted, all other based on relationships and diplomacy.
Masters don't attack each other, but can help you with attacks.
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Got it, thank you!