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This mod should reduce the "Access Violation" error caused by memory leak.

Download :

How to use: 1.Unpack "Hirao's 1-More-Turn mod ver.TURNFOUR".
2.for GOG version: put all unpacked files into the game folder and overwrite the existing file.
for Steam version: put "data.555.pak" into the game folder.

change log :

(beta)ver.TURNFOUR beta1 -20210806

A new save is required in order to apply some changes.

Added 4 new units which come from Eador Imperium: Witchdoctor, Wisewoman, Woodsman, and Blood Druid. The "Mercenary Guild" is back, and you can hire the new units there.

1.Doubled the size of the treasury.
2.When shooters and mages level up, the two random upgrades won't be Attack and Counterattack at the same time any more.

1.Fixed a vanilla bug that when you recaptured a province, a rebellion would begin immediately.
2.Removed the "Scared" and "Stunning Blow" flying text when undead and mechanical units got hit by specific units.
3.Removed the "+ x" morale hint for undead and mechanical units when they were in the garrison.
4.Fixed a vanilla bug that "Scream of Urugu" dealt wrong damage. This also fixed the casting AI.
5.Fixed a vanilla bug that a unit could be awarded a mismatched medal if the intended unit was killed.
6.Fixed a glitch that the icon of "Petrification Immunity" on the upgrade interface was missing.
7.Fixed a glitch that unintended windows would pop up when AI heroes proceeded specific encounters.
8.Fixed a glitch that the auto-combat option was missing in "Desert Troll Lair".
9.Fixed a rare "Access Violation" error caused by this mod when using auto combat function.
10.(GOG version exclusive) Fixed a vanilla bug that you could not check the achievements at all.

Fixes from Jagulars' "Fixers of the Broken World" mod(a nicely made mod which can be discussed and downloaded here:
"1.Difficulty levels now affect the extra starting income and stronghold starting development level of human players as intended.
2.The capital province no longer has a lower chance to be plains terrain compared to other terrain types.
3.Fixed a bug that made some animations unaffected by the combat speed modifier.
4.Goblin Potion (Goblin Alchemist skill) now correctly reduces morale.
5.Battlecry (Centaur Chief skill) now correctly depletes stamina.
6.Units with Marauder skill no longer take a portion of the loot in battle if they are dead."

1.Slightly reduced the difficulty of ring 1 "Lizardman Lands" and "Orcish Tribes".
2.Reduced the stamina cost each turn from 5 to 4 when in "Stealth" mode.
3.Increased the stamina cost of "Slyboots" from 2 to 3.
4.Slightly reduced the chance of the event "a town sewer infested with giant slugs".
5.Paladin: Restored to the Eador Genesis version and added (+1 Ammo)*2 to the upgrade pool.
6.Elf Druid: Moved the "Cure Wounds" spell to the upgrade pool and removed the "Roots" spell from the upgrade pool.
7.Dwarf Guardsman: Removed the "Parry" skill from the upgrade pool. (They don't even have a shield)
8.Dwarf Engineer: Moved the "Armorpiercing Shot" skill to the upgrade pool.
9.Goblin Alchemist: "Goblin Potion" now restores 5 points of health instead of 7 points.
10.Wisewoman: Removed the "Inspiration" spell and reduced her healing power.
11.Woodsman: Removed the "Collect Ammo" skill from the upgrade pool.
12.Blood Druid: Moved the "Vampirism" spell to the upgrade pool and removed all summoning spells from the upgrade pool expect "Call Giant Spider". "Call Giant Spider" now consumes 3 ammo units instead of 2.

Other changes:
Added a cap to the amount of gold(1 million) and gems(200 thousands) you can own.

(stable)ver.TURNTHREE hotfix2 -20210710

1.Added 10 tracks of ambient music from Eador Imperium.
2.New visual effects for "Fire Ball" and "Acid".
3.Fixed a vanilla bug that the ability "Item Maintenance" did not work. How it works now: the durability of items has an additional chance of remaining unchanged.
4.Fixed a glitch that the alliance could not be properly shown on the "Statistics" interface.
5.Nerfed Dwarf Engineers. Now their attributes are the same as in Eador Imperium.

The game will no longer freeze when the recruitment window is shut down.

1.Fixed a bug caused by this mod that summoned creatures had no abilities.
2.Fixed a bug caused by this mod that if summoners were present, there was a chance of getting "Access Violation" error when using auto combat function.
3.Fixed a vanilla bug that the "repair all" function had no effect on damaged items which were present in the treasury.

(beta)ver.TURNTWO -20210701

1.Fixed a glitch that the auto-combat option was missing in these locations: "Desecrated Cemetery" and "Old Keep".
2.Fixed a vanilla bug that the sound effects of all rutials were missing.
3.Restored several language files to vanilla MotBW version. So no more mismatched information like "Allows the recruitment of Juggernaut".
4.Removed the ads window in main menu.

(beta)ver.TURNONE -20210629

1.Fixed a bug that some of the scripts which were introduced to reduce the Access Violation error did not work.
2.Fixed a glitch that the "repair all" button could not be properly deactivated.
3.Fixed the hint of different types of shards.

1.Disabled the "Mercenary Guild". You can no longer hire those OP promoted allied units. Other units like Fire Giants and White Wizards can appear in the castle as mercenaries. Only affects new saves. At last, the former devs' poor design was kicked away. The "Mercenary Guild" makes the alliance meaningless and 80% of other tier 1 and tier 2 units useless.

(beta)ver.TURNZERO -20210624(initial release)

1.The game now releases memory more frequently. So yes, less memory leak problems(Access Violation error).
2.Added inactive AI.
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