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Hey guys,

We just put up a hotifix for Eador. You'll find this is labelled as a Universal Update :D

Here is a small list of fixes:

Patch notes:
1. Various changes in English text.
2. Fixed the error with mixed up answers in "Famine" event.
3. Fixed crash issue with "Plundering" event.
4. Fixed crash issue with ritual "Deadly Terror" event.
5. Some other little improvements.

Also, please note that we have incorporated the hotfix into the Russian language pack, so if you apply the Russian Language Pack over the English version then you will have the most up to date version of Eador Genesis.

Enjoy the game :D.
waluigi: Can I install it without any risk, that I won't use my save games? I'm asking, because sometimes there are problem with elder versions of saves to the game, after installing of patch.
We tested it and the saves are left alone so no worries there :D.
J_Darnley: Does this update bring us square icons? Will it overwrite the changes I made to the shortcuts so I could have square icons?
We didn't check but I would advise backing up your changes :D.
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Rezca: It's giving me an error stating:

"Eador - Genesis patch log
Update from version to

Incorrect version of: C:\GOG Games\Eador - Genesis\var\dialog.var"

I had replaced the original dialog.var with one provided in another thread because the game kept locking up when corruption began to spread in my kingdom.

Do I have to reinstall the game from scratch to apply the patch?
(Also does this patch or the future expansion/sequel have any changes to the difficulty? The alleged "beginner" difficulty is much harder than one would expect a Easy difficulty to be =P )
If you don't have the original dialog.var, then, yes, the best course of action to take here would be to re-install the game.
maulet: my version is 1.05.1 after the patch, that's correct??
Yes, the hotfix doesn't change the version number of the game but rest assured it's there :D