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Hi guys!

I'm a part of Snowbird Games studio which along with GOG team made this release possible. Thanks a lot for your feedback, it was really captivating to find out foreign players' impressions for the past day :)

We've created <span class="bold">a new subforum</span> for Eador. Genesis with some possible solutions to problems running the game and some advice for beginners.

Feel free to join! We're going to need some feedback for possible hot fix as well.

We also finish accepting beta applications for Masters of the Broken World this Friday. So if anyone is interested in playing the new game it's better to hurry :) You can apply for it in <span class="bold">this thread</span>.

We'd be really happy to see people from here joining the beta.
Thanks! The game is a lot of fun, I can't believe I've never heard of it before.

I'd love it if you could provide an update to the game to fix some of the problems people have been having. A hot fix would be really awesome! But I know time and resources are limited when you have another big project in the works.

Additionally, I'm very impressed with the English in it. I was a little afraid that the translation would make it difficult to enjoy, but it's really very good. I appreciate that, it makes the experience more immersive and addicting. I can't emphasize that enough.
So this is going to be my first apply to become a beta tester.
Let's see if you want me for the job... ;-)
Thanks for posting, the links are quite useful to 'number crunchers' like myself.
@GOG Perhaps this could get a sticky so new players can find it easily?

Thanks again and looking forward to the new release :)


BTW, the "honest" difficulty setting is an"expert". On that one you have no bonuses/penalties. And the game balance mostly tuned for an "expert" difficulty.
Yet another tip: you can switch difficulty on the flow (one of astral menu options), no need to restart campaign to do that.
^seemed to belong here as well. :)
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Im in the beta!
Thanks for the invitation. ;)
♩ ♫ I'm in the public Beta ♪ I'm in the public Beta ♫ I'm in the public Beta ♬ I'm in the public Beta ... ♩ ♫

♫ ♬ My first Beta evaarrrrr... ♫ ♬

Thank you! :-)

Only a pity that I just wanted to pick up playing Eador: Genesis again but now I will be playing the new one...