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Long term suggestion or maybe one for the sequel.
Multiplayer and player hosted dedicated servers/lan.

This game would be freaking amazing with MP and player hosted dedicated servers. Dysmantle would be a top-tier survival game with those two things.

Another suggestion which would lock into the multiplayer and dedicated servers as well:
A map editor. Players could host their own maps on their servers.
Thank you for the suggestion! Local coop or mp are something that we will look the feasibility of after the game is fully released and there are no hard promises either way.
Another small suggestion: medals should have a tool tip, or something, that shows the goal for each tier of that medal.

For my attached image, I assume the goal was 5000 objects for gold, 2500 for silver and 1000 for bronze. Or maybe it was 6000 for gold, 4000 for silver and 2000 for bronze? I have no idea, so a tool tip will be very helpful in this situation.
medal.jpg (81 Kb)
It is a good suggestion, I'll mark that up.