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When Dying Light released on GOG, it came with the Crash Test content for free just like the Steam version does. Today, I was surprised to see the Crash Test content released as $2 DLC. There's also a new patch today, and you know what it does? It removes the free Crash Test content. They patched content out of the game for the sole purpose of selling it back to us.

EDIT: GOG is now looking into this issue.

EDIT 2: A new patch has been released that leaves the Crash Test content in. For those who applied the previous patch, I have tested it and can confirm that the new patch restores the Crash Test content if it is missing.
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Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. It could but just be a simple mistake.
The Crash Test DLC has been removed from sale. Update from Konrad here.

"It seems that there was some miscommunication between us and Techland here, but I don't have all the details. We're pulling the DLC from sale right now, and we're pushing out another update that will restore the content.

We're talking to Techland to figure out how Crash Test should be handled, but no matter what we won't take it away from anyone who got it with the base game."

I would say that there was at least no intentional wrongdoing on GOG's part, but I'm not so sure about Techland.
Eh, they probably just made a mistake; just cosmetic shit anyway. Release Dead Island Definitive Edition and we can all forget about this, Techland . . .wink wink nudge nudge.
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