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hi, i've finished it with my lan friends. and trying Be The Zombie mode.

so my problem is, every time Human kill the Zombie player nothing happen to the Hive live but, why Human live been minus instead? is there any patch for the BTZ change that i missed? or it is really a Bug.
i've been searching whole google but nothing with same prob, i even check youtube when they killed the zombie, it didn't minus Human live
please help me. can you give me a fix for that? or you can just tell which file/script that contain about scoring the match, so i can tweak myself.

sorry for my bad english.

Edit: i've tried both The Following and the Main Campaign both are same scoring. killed or be killed, both get the score, Human and Zombie kill and death score are the same.
Post edited August 20, 2016 by bebudakgila