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Why isn't the Linux version available? :(
Post edited March 16, 2016 by devland
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There's a Linux version on Steam. Why not on GOG?

- Agetian
I came here to post the same thing. Is there any ETA on when the Linux version will arrive on GOG ?
just saw the mail about it, came to GOG to purchase it for linux and now I'm sad
Dying Light is not the only game that isn't available for linux on gog, but on steam.

So it's still possible that there won't be a linux version of this game here on gog :(
It's probably due to the devs waiting for a Galaxy API, so that they don't have to work twice on a GOG version because the first one lacks Galaxy features.

GOG probably didn't tell them that they aren't even close to releasing it and maybe even haven't started developing it.

Please vote on the wishlist for the Linux version:
They need to update there games on Linux. Hope it will come sooner rather than later.
0Grapher: Please vote on the wishlist for the Linux version:
Voted. Plus I believe that there should be a more generic category there, too, like "Stop holding out on us with Linux versions of games", because it has actually become a rather dangerous trend not to release Linux versions of certain games here (Age of Wonders 3, Cities in Motion et al. come to mind - games that *have* Linux versions elsewhere, usually on Steam).

- Agetian
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waiting for linux version :D

It's so disappointing how regularly this happens with GOG. If it is due to Galaxy then couldn't GOG at least make a very basic temporary client like the one that was initially used for testing Galaxy with AvP, The Witcher Adventure Game etc? Or just release the Linux versions with Galaxy features disabled until they have the Linux Galaxy client ready?
Won't buy until Linux version gets released here. Another disapointment. Voted.

+1 for Linux
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I've also contacted support and asked about this, although I'm not expecting much. Will probably only get the same generic non-response they've given when I've previously asked about games releasing here without their Linux versions :/
Voted and I think GOG is not really honest or reliable with the Linux-versions.

Guess this is another title that Steam will be receiving my money for :/
I'm getting tired of this new GOG trend. And worse, I believe this is due to 'Galaxy' have not been developed... Really, you're dropping hard GOG.