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Patch 1.20

New Features:

New type of live event added
New opponent – "Gasmask Demolisher"
Additional national outfits
Items once exclusive to Gemly to be made available to everyone:
-Rusty Spine
-Candy Cutter
Added new sorting category to inventory:
-10-in-12 Weapons
-DLC weapons
Added new sorting category to outfits and Buggy skins

General fixes:

PC: Error on game launch: Cannot write in Game Folder - Added more information about folder location where the game needs to have write privilages.
XBOX: Fixed problems with matchmaking Co-op on XBOX.
Minor bug fixes
Is the game playable on a Phenom II X4 955 processor ?
i_hope_you_rot: Is the game playable on a Phenom II X4 955 processor ?
It might on very low but you would be lucky to reach 30 fps, CPU is old missing extensions
high rated
Update 1.21 (24 October 2019)

- We've added new types of live events
- Some minor bugs are now gone
- The issue with crashes in The Old Town for the Japanese version of the game is now fixed
who play ?
Update 1.22

Message from Steam:

Patch 1.22 - PC improvements


Together with the Hypermode Weapon Event we released a new update to the game - patch 1.22.
We made a few improvements to the PC version of Dying Light:

- Borderless Window Option - you can now play Dying Light in borderless mode. You will find this option in Options -> Video -> Turn Off Full Screen -> Borderless Window
- We fixed crash on drop attack on Linux and Mac
- We improved the overall stability of the game

Remember to check out our newly released event - Hypermode
Live with the brand new special weapon Global reward - Spectral Baseball Bat.

Also - don't miss out on the new Skin Pack - Harran Inmate Bundle:

Good night, good luck!
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surfer1260: Update 1.22

No Changelog yet
I hope to see it soon, I find the game slow and had a crash with 1.22